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July 23, 2015 2 min read

Kickstarter gives entrepreneurs the ability to get funding for projects that they have always been interested in starting. It is essentially a playing field where one team has great ideas and the other team has the money to fund these ideas. People are always looking for interesting things to fund, just think about the potato salad Kickstarter where a guy received over $55,000 to literally make a potato salad.

This is a list of the top 3 most successful Kickstarters and what they have worked to achieve.

1. Pebble Time Smartwatch

Smartwatches have been on every tech-enthusiasts watch list for several years and the company Pebble owns the Kickstarter record due to their Pebble Time. The prototype for the watch was designed to rival the popularity of the Apple Watch and they raised approximately $20,338,986 which was 4,067% of the total amount of money that they needed.

Today, the watches were shipped at the end of May to the fans that were the most interested to receive them.


2. Coolest Cooler

The idea of the Coolest Cooler was to design a “21 st century cooler that’s actually a cooler and a portable party disguised as a cooler”. It had an integrated Bluetooth speaker, an addable blender, and space to put a variety of picnic essentials. They were able to raise around $13,285,226.00 for the project which was over 26,570% of the total amount that they needed.

The people who were the first to back the project on Kickstarter received a few early versions of the cooler but the entire cooler was set to be released on July 2015. You can actually visit the company’s website to review the progress of the cooler including the designing and tooling process.

3.Return of Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow was one of the most popular children’s TV shows but it was pulled in 2006 by PBS after being on the air for 23 years. The host of the show, LeVar Burton, went to Kickstarter to create an app for iPad and Kindle Fire that would be a virtual field trip for kids.

The fundraiser received 540% of the total amount that they were asking for which totaled to around $5,408,916. Today parents and children are able to purchase subscription packages for $50 a year and kids have access to an entire library of books.

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