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October 14, 2015 2 min read

It is amazing to have a mini-computer and camera in your pocket. Smartphones are an all in one solution and have become so ubiquitous that there are now accessories that improve how you use your smartphone. As technology advances with Moore’s Law the phones are rapidly taking over many of the old traditional items like cameras, radios or music players and old paper maps! There are a few accessories that people with smartphones find make life easier.


1. 4-in-1 olloclip for iPhone 6/6s: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 2 Macros

IPhoneography is becoming a new rage. The optics of iPhones has increased to be on par with professional cameras. This type of photography is becoming a fad of its own. The 4-in-1 Olloclip for the iPhone 6/6s takes iPhone photos to the next level and beyond. It is designed to slide on and off the iPhone with no extra parts. It has wide angle, 10x and 15x Macro and fisheye capabilities. There are many accessories available for iPhone photos but the 4-in-1 Olloclip is repeatedly a favorite of photographers.


2. EnerPlex Solar case for iPhone

The biggest drawback of smart phone technology is the battery. It is a never ending search to plug the phone in to charge especially with as much as they are used. The EnerPlex Solar case for the iPhone provides two services in one; a protective case and an additional solar powered battery doubling the life of a typical phone. The phone can be charged with a wall outlet or via the solar panels located on the back of the case.


3. iOttie iTap Magnetic Vent Mount

Many states have outlawed driving while using cell phones. This has created a plethora of accessories to attach a smart phone to a car so it can be used hands free. The iOttie iTap Magnetic Vent Mount is one such accessory that is a must have. It clips into the air vent of the car and the phone is attached via a strong magnet attached to the phone or case via a metal plate.


4. VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Headset

The VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Headset is the smallest Bluetooth headset out there with noise-cancelling features. The days of the hunk of plastic hanging off your ear are virtually gone with this headset. The battery has a four hour life span for talking and music play back. This helps especially in states where driving while using a cell phone are prohibited. It is especially helpful to those who use their phones for work.


5. Tile

The day has come where you can use your phone to locate items you have lost. The tile is a small square that can be attached to things that get lost often such as car keys. You can mark an item as missing and it enables others to help you find the missing item. Originally for iOS phones it is now available for almost any kind of smart phone. This is a great gift for that person who is constantly losing their keys or other important objects. 

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