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Top 5 Gadgets In Star Trek

June 17, 2016 2 min read


The original Star Trek series made some pretty bold, optimistic predictions about the future. Some of those things have come true. Others things, we are still working on (like world peace). Regardless, the technology behind the movies and TV shows is as fascinating as the characters and exploration of time and space.

As Star Trek Beyond prepares to beam into theaters this year, it’s worth taking a look at the past entries. Not only should we look at the movies in the current, ongoing universe, but we should look to some of the classic shows and films, as well. When you take a look at the franchise as a whole, you can find tons of examples of really, really cool gadgets.

Top 5 Star Trek Gadgets

Star Trek gave us a future that was filled with some pretty amazing gadgets. To be sure, it would be nice to live in a world in which money no longer existed!

Nonetheless, here are our picks for the top 5 gadgets in Star Trek:

1.Universal translators: Whether it was Kirk, Picard, or Janeway, the show or film always had the captain and crew meeting new species throughout the galaxy. Thankfully, they had a universal translator to help them break down most communication gaps. That would definitely be the kind of thing that would be great to have.

2.Phaser: We already have things like the phaser, but at the end of the day, we don’t have real thing. A weapon that would guarantee the ability to stun someone painlessly is definitely a weapon that could have some serious benefits in the real world.

3.Hypospray: Doctors still have to be brilliant in Star Trek, but they do have some profound advantages that are not available to those of us still living in the 21st century. For example, Hypospray comes with the ability to handle a wide array of minor injuries. It could save doctors thousands of hours.

4.Holodeck: One of the biggest additions to Star Trek: The Next Generation was the invention of the holodeck. The ability to completely recreate historical events, famous films, scenes from books, or even our very memories is an extraordinary consideration. The holodeck gave TNG some of its best episodes.

5. Teleportation: As soon as you mention Star Trek and teleportation, you can hear that iconic sound of the teleporter. Dr. McCoy may have hated them, but most of us would love to effortlessly transport anywhere.

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