Top 5 Pool Cleaners of 2020

The summer is here, and that hot sun has everybody thinking about jumping into a sparkling and refreshing swimming pool. The issue is a large number of bugs, dirt, and other debris floating around your pool that prevent you from diving in. If you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, then pool cleaners can mean the difference between maintenance and some cleaning. The following best cleaners’ review will help you for deciding if a robotic pool cleaner will be the best fit for you.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

 Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus - Wellbots

It is known as the CC Plus for a reason. It takes all the best things about a Dolphin Nautilus CC and makes them just that much better. It is got the best Clever Clean system that can map out the best, quick way to cleaning your pool and when in operation, can dodge obstacles. Several pool cleaners pledge debris into a bag without sorting out the large from the small. This will lead to headaches in cleaning them. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has dual layered filtration, where huge debris is caught by 1 filter and small by another layer. This permits for better-directed cleaning and a quicker return to cleaning. For a pool cleaner already designed to make fast work of cleaning your pool, this is an important feature. The CC Plus takes those features and adds a slightly longer power cord for better reach, and slightly bigger filters to either accommodate a bigger pool or just to make life just a little easy for pool owners. It also will not break the bank to make this happen. At sixteen pounds, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is already pretty light for a robotic pool cleaner. However, it will vacate its water before you try for wrestling it out of the water to make for a easy task of that. This maximizes portability in a line of pool cleaners legendary to combine weight and bulky design into a headache to move around. 

With the Nautilus CC Plus, keeping the cleaner is easy, thanks to the top load filter. It can filter, vacuum, and scrub your pool in under 3 hours. For easy cleaning, there’re dual scrubbing brushes. It characteristic a patented swivel cable to cover the pool better. Additionally, there is smart navigation that scans your pool floor throughout cleaning. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic is our option for the good automatic pool cleaner on the market. Its robotic nature will save you some money on the next electricity bill of yours. Traditional pressure side or suction side cleaners aren’t quite as smart as the Dolphin Nautilus. The Dolphin Nautilus has built-in smart scanning technology to aid it to identify the places that require the most help. When it comes to taking care of your Dolphin Nautilus CC, you easily eliminate the easy to clean filter cartridges and put them back in. It is a job that will take you just some minutes. When selecting an automatic pool, cleaner programming is imperative. Fortunately, you can program this unit to run each day, every other day or every 3rd day. With its quality cleaning capabilities, you possibly will not require it to run each day unless you had a storm or a big group of people swimming. Such as an automatic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus struggles with steps.

Who has not struggled with a step or 2 a few points in their life?

If you’re looking for a quality unit that will keep your pool looking clean without you having to babysit it or do it yourself, you’ll be pleased with this automatic pool cleaner. This cleaner comes with a 60-foot swivel cord that’s designed to be tangle-free while you use it. This is a useful feature because you do not require to worry about the plug accidentally getting pulled out of the socket due to a stuck cord. The Dolphin is simple to use. All you require to do is plug it in and drop it in the pool. This makes your life a lot easy because you do not have to struggle with additional parts or watch to ensure it is doing the job. This cleaner will clean all pool surfaces within three hours which saves you time and hassle. You can place the robot into the pool 1st thing in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day swimming. The filters are simple to clean and just need to be rinsed out after a cleaning cycle. This is such a good feature because it lets you finish cleaning the pool rapidly and simply and get on with your day. This robotic cleaner is price effective because it uses an energy-efficient power source that plugs into your home’s outlet and does not put any extra strain on the existing pool’s filtration system. This pro your pocketbook in 2 ways, your energy bill will be lower and the system of your pool will last longer.


  • Robotic
  • Top-load filter cartridges
  • simple programming
  • Energy-efficient


  • Sometimes struggles with steps
  • Slower than the top brand
  • Drop few debris when removing from water


Dolphin Nautilus CC

 Dolphin Nautilus CC - Wellbots

The Dolphin Nautilus CC is the best basic robotic pool cleaner. It comes with the Clever Clean system that uses onboard sensors to map out an optimal cleaning path in a pool. In its operation, Clever Clean will detect obstacles, and then it will avoid them. It is quick and can clean walls as well as it can clean a pool floor. Unlike other top performing robotic pool cleaners, it will not break the bank in doing the job. It is about a similar price as the best pressure side pool cleaner and comes with the bonus of not requiring the additional buying of a booster pump. This cleaner has hassle-free cleaning. With brushes that spin two times faster, you will not see stubborn dirt on the floors and walls of the pool. Set the cleaner and come back again after two hours to find your pool as good as new. It is designed for pools up to 33 feet in size. It has a swivel cord that prevents tangles and knots. The top-loading filter is easy to remove, load, empty, and clean. This cleaner remains to its claim of making pool owners enjoy the pool instead of worrying about cleaning.


  • Cleans the walls and floors efficiently
  • Fast and Great cleaning performance
  • Can scan pool for optimal cleaning path
  • Its cleaning cycle is short 
  • Moves in an arrangement to target the whole pool


  • Possibly, it may not reach the pool’s shallow end
  • Slightly shorter power cord
  • Slightly smaller filters


Dolphin Triton PS

Dolphin Triton PS - Wellbots

If you have a big pool and you find it difficult to maintain it, it is possibly time to get a robotic pool vacuum cleaner. It can care of your pool thus you will enjoy clean, filtered water day after dayThe Triton PS is a robotic pool cleaner that contains impressive features. Find out if it is worthy enough to be used on your big pool.

Noticeable Features of this Robotic Pool Vacuum:

Good scrubbing power

This pool cleaner comes with the Power Stream technology of Dolphin. This is a perfect feature that aids the pool cleaner to grip the pool walls and all other vertical surfaces with ease. It can scrub your pool tile after tile without miss even on irregular obstacles and places.

Large top-loading filter basket

The top-loading filter basket aids trap debris, leaves, and dirt well. This’s a big basket that can keep a big amount of debris ideal for big residential pools. And the fact that it loads the basket on top, it is easy to eliminate the trapped dirt from the pool cleaner. You do not even have to remove this from the water to remove the filter.

Saves 8x energy

It is a pool cleaner that will save power. Compared to ordinary pool cleaners, pressure, and suctions cleaners, it’s energy effective. It can clean a standard-sized pool in just two hours. The fact that you do not have to manually clean your pool using sponges and brushes makes this the best idea. No extra tiring pool maintenance week after week.

Schedule your cleaning with ease

A perfect feature of the most updated Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is the weekly scheduler. So, you will not forget to clean your pool, you can schedule a daily, each other day or every 3rd-day cleaning. This cleaner will remember the schedule automatically and move on its own for cleaning the pool. 

Lightweight and easy to use

This’s one of the lightest pool cleaners at only 16.5 pounds. You can move it wherever you require to begin cleaning without breaking your back. All it takes is one button to power on this pool cleaner and it is ready to clean. Meanwhile, the long, simply to move cord lets you clean your pool without the cord tangling.

More value for your money

You will get more value for your money because it comes with a two-year quality assurance guarantee. The parts, filters, and other accessories are simple to buy online or from a local distributor.


  • Rapidly cleans circulating water 
  • The filter traps all types of debris 
  • Superior scrubbing power


  • Suction isn’t that impressive


Pentair 920

 Pentair 920 - Wellbots

Today, almost everybody can afford to own a pool. However, not all have the energy and time to maintain proper pool hygiene. Pentair as a high-end robotic product to meet the vast needs of clients the Kreepy Krauly Prowler 920. It’s one of the advanced products that provide the best experience in cleaning your pool. One of the most famous techniques of sustaining the pools’ cleanliness is to use robotic pool cleaners for meeting the growing demand for high-quality robotic cleaners. Prowler 920 has a wireless remote controller to assist you to administer the machine and a pre-programmed feature that will allow you to select between 2 cleaning modes. 1-hour cleaning for just the bottom and standard cleaning for complete coverage of your pool.

This device is echoed friendly as its filtration system will clean the water when it will circulate chemicals all around the pool which reduces the required chemicals via refining the pool clarity at the same time. Moreover, its low voltage operation mitigates energy consumption, thus aid you clean your pool for a bit as 15 cents per cleaning. Thanks to its low-voltage operation and internal filtration system, running your Kreepy Krauly Prowler 920 Robot Pool Cleaner will make you save some high energy prices. Its 3-hour cleaning cycle is one of the most effective but energy-saving cycle you’ll discover. Enjoy your pool instead of cleaning it. This device can simply be regulated by remote control convenience and an automatic setting option to aid you to keep your pool dirt free and enticing. This enables the machine to clean walls of your pools and surfaces at its great by using the powerful combination of filter, brush, vacuum, and scrub. Moreover, the cleaner is completely independent of circulation system of the swimming pool offering you a plug-in convenience. So, no installation is needed, nor pump, hoses, or other equipment. Easily plug it in and allow it to play around your pool. The PROWLER 920 also has a weekly timer which allows you to schedule your regular cleaning even when you aren’t at house. Furthermore, this cleaner comes with a caddy for the best transportation. Needless to say, but this machine offers brilliant convenience for you and other pool owners.


  • It comes with a remote control permitting you to override its automatic cleaning modes.
  • Plug-in convenience, thus, no hoses, installation, nor booster pumps are needed.
  • It comes with a built-in weekly timer that allows you to schedule your cleanings.
  • It has an indicator allowing you to know that the cleaner requires attending.
  • can vacuum all types of debris including algae.
  • price 15 cents/cleaning
  • It contains an auto-reverse which can aid the cleaner for avoiding hang-ups in corners as well as near and steps for best performance.


  • Heavy unit
  • There’s only one slight drawback of this robotic cleaner, tires can precipitate stains on the bottom of the pool.


WaterTech Pool Blaster Volt FX 8

WaterTech FX8 - Wellbots 

It is designed to clean the in-ground and above ground pools effectivelyThe new upgraded Volt FX-8Li now contains Li-ion battery technology with a push-button on/off switch. Powerful and simple to use, this vacuum is fully independent from main filtration systems. for operating, attach this device to any telescopic pool pole, switch the unit on, and you can vacuum now. With its vacuum head along with re-usable filters, it can vacuum all sorts of debris like algae, dirt, and leaves. You can remove the vacuum head easily, and also can use the included head as well as hose attachment for tight crevices and corners. The Volt FX-8Li will run up to 1 hour on a full charge.

Whole Pool Cleaner

Clean the entire pool or Spot-Clean in seconds. Ideal for In-Ground pools and Above Ground Pools such as Intext.

All-Purpose Cleaning. The filter bags included with Water Tech™ Volt® FX™-8Li capture algae, silt, and sand other vacuums leave behind and leave and big debris before they reach the skimmer, pump, or filter.


The most powerful Volt motor delivers the strength required to clean rapidly and efficiently.

Run Time

The lithium-ion battery-powered Volt FX-8li is designed to run up to 60 mints.

Easy Operation

Push-Button operation. Lightweight and simple to use by hand or attach to any standard telescopic pool pole.


  • Cordless, spa vacuum and rechargeable pool
  • Fully independent from main filtration systems
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • New lithium powered battery technology
  • New push-button on or off switch
  • Up to 60 mins of run time
  • Vacuums all kinds of debris, including leaves, algae, and sand 
  • 12 ¾ vacuum head with wheels and scrubbing brushes
  • Attaches to any standard telescopic pool pole
  • Rapidly recharges in four hours
  • Smart charger turns from red to green when the unit is completely charged
  • Includes one reusable All Purpose Filter Bag for large debris
  • Includes one reusable Xtreme Micro Filter Bag for fine debris
  • Includes one Head and Hose Attachment for shallow water cleaning


  • price Efficient
  • Fast
  • Works simply


  • Somewhat difficult to use



To wrap it up, it will be sufficing that there’re sufficient options out there. However, to choose the right product or yourself, you want to understand which kind of pool you’ve and which unit works great with it. An automatic pool cleaner is a better investment if it is done after well research. Otherwise, it may be money wasted. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you’ve the best idea of which product you need to invest in. In our post, the recommended products we mentioned are few of the best ones on the market and will not fail you, thus, they’re a safe bet.

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