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October 21, 2016 2 min read

Say what you want about crowdfunding. You can’t argue with is the notion that it is bringing us to the staggering forefront of innovation in technology. Kickstarter and similar sites are making two things abundantly clear. They are showing us that innovative ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. These sites are also showing us that people can truly help one another.

A quick visit to Kickstarter is going to reveal some pretty amazing technology products. If all recently launched/currently running Kickstarter technology products were released tomorrow, what kind of world would we have?

The answer is an extraordinary one.

Top Five Kickstarter Technology Products Worth Your Time


Getting in on the ground floor of a fresh idea can be exciting. If you are looking for some inspiration on that front, here are 5 recently launched Kickstarter technology products that are worth a look:


1. goTenna Mesh: This is one of the coolest things you’re going to come across. Promising to be the first mesh network that will truly take you off the grid, this product will connect with your smartphone to allow for communication, even when you don’t have any service. You can share texts, GPS coordinates, have chats, or even set a group conversation.

2. LVL: Wearables are all the rage these days. Fair enough, since we’re getting some really cool products in the deal. As the world’s first wearable hydration monitor, LVL is certainly a good example of what we’re talking about. It will also track your activity, your mood, your sleep, and even your HR.

3. PIN Genie Smart Door Lock: Data thieves and other undesirables are getting smarter. The good news is that products like this one allow you to keep up. This peep-proof/hidden cam-proof smart lock will reshuffle your PIN pad after every usage.

4. GoTouch: We definitely like the idea of a product that’s going to have the ability to make any TV interactive in a matter of moments. Both portable and easy-to-use, it isn’t hard to imagine a wide variety of situations in which you will be able to benefit from having something like this.

5. Betterspot: It isn’t hard to imagine the various benefits of a VPN. Unfortunately, cost and other elements can make the option a prohibitive one to some. Betterspot plans to change that by offering a router that is remarkably affordable. Even better, it will have compatibility with numerous devices.

What technology products are you excited about on Kickstarter?

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