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In addition to being an economic and ecological solution, Electric Scooters are practical and easy to handle. Unlike other personal mobility products, they are less cumbersome and easier to use. With plug-and-play technology, enable yourself to get where you want quickly!. Electric Scooters offer freedom and adapt to your lifestyle. But the most important question is :

What are the top 3 Electric Scooters of 2022?

1. Segway Kickscooter MAX ($949.99)

Segway Kickscooter MAX features a MAX battery range of up to 40 miles! Equipped with a smart and bigger 552Wh Lithium-Ion Battery, this scooter is designed to breeze around the city with ease. To ensure long battery life and health, the Smart Battery Management System of the Kickscooter MAX has an over-heating, short circuit, over-current, and over-charge protection.

Thanks to a built-in charger and the very easy folding system you can take this e-scooter wherever you go.

The driving range of this scooter equals a ride from San Francisco to Palo Alto on just a single charge! One of the best ranges in the market. Not even slopes can stop this scooter. You can ride this e-scooter up to 40 miles and on slopes of 20%.

In addition to tubeless vacuum tires, Segway headquarters decided to add a special feature to this scooter: self-healing tires! The tires withstand multiple punctures without leaks. If your tires are punctured the sealant will fill the holes automatically.

Buy it here: Segway Kickscooter MAX Folding Electric Scooter | Wellbots


The Ninebot Kickscooter F30 has an extended range of 18.6 miles, a pinnacle pace of 15.5 mph, massive 10” tires, a foldable layout, and a Bluetooth security lock to maintain your kick scooter safe.

The great speed of the F30 enables you to whiz through the city. The 350w output presents plenty of torque-on-call, to assist you to conquer up to 15% grade slope.

Switch between 3 driving modes: Eco, Trendy, and Sports with just two clicks on the intuitive LED Dashboard to program your scooter per your driving style.

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Unagi Model One E500 Dual Motor is a high-performance Electric Scooter with a slim, sleek design and an excellent finish. Made of magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber, it makes him super light only 26.5 lbs!

The E500 has a dedicated 250 watt motor for each wheel, providing 500 watts and 32-newton meters of torque to allow you to tackle climbs up to 15% of incline with ease. These motors are equipped with a NdFeB magnet (Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnet) and a monitoring system to prevent overheating.

With a 15miles range and a 20-mph top speed, the Unagi Electric Scooter is perfect to go places while respecting social distancing and avoiding crowds. For both acceleration and braking, the controls have built-in sensitivity so that a simple push down increases their responsiveness.

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