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June 29, 2015 2 min read

As the benchmark for consumer drones, otherwise known as quadcopters, the  DJI Phantom series has outdone itself with the newly released Phantom 3. It continues to build upon the already cutting edge design technology found in the  Phantom 2 and completely reinvents its optical and photographic capabilities.

The logic behind the design and construction of the Phantom 3 was based on the success of the Phantom 2. The phantom 3 is a lightweight yet sturdy design, completely functional for light flights and durable enough for more dangerous ones. The overall body design provides an easy set up and even easier flight experience. Capable of 23 minute in-flight durations at a single time, the Phantom 3 is easy enough for novices to use without too much trouble.

The biggest change is in the quality of the camera and the functional apps associated with it. Two different versions of the Phantom 3 are available to the public, one shoots video in 4k and the other in 1080p. They both come complete with new camera sensors, including ground scanning sensors to allow the quadcopters to be flown safely indoors. One cool trick is that Phantom 3 owners can stream their aerial video footage live on YouTube. When one considers the combination of upgrades and the addition of the gimbal stabilizer that was introduced on the Phantom 2, it is almost impossible for the Phantom 3 to take subpar video.

With all of these upgrades and continued perfection in design and manufacture, one might assume that the Phantom 3 will be out of the range of affordability. However, the new  Phantom 3 Advanced is only at $999 while the Professional model retails for $1249.

Looking at all the advantages of the new Phantom 3 from DJI, it is hard to believe that these won’t be one of the highest selling quadcopters of the year. With their continued high grade design and construction, they offer another solidly built drone. With higher quality cameras, the addition of camera sensors, and the addition of apps that allow live video streaming, they take the Phantom 3 to a whole other level compared to the Phantom 2. And, luckily for all of us aching to get out there and get one for ourselves, they do all of this at an affordable price. It should come as no surprise that DJI has become synonymous with excellence in the drone marketplace.

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