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Will AI Ever Be Capable Of Emotions?

June 07, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment


As artificial intelligence continues to develop and evolve as a concept, we must consider every potential possibility. Furthermore, we must consider every possible outcome, as well. The subject of artificial intelligence having emotions is definitely an example of the outcomes and possibilities that we must keep in mind.

While there are extraordinary benefits to developing A.I. as a concept, there are also some extraordinary, cataclysmic dangers that must be kept in mind, as well. What would happen if (or some would say ‘when’) artificial intelligence became capable of developing and expressing emotions? What would it decide? If it suddenly become depressed, or resentful, of humanity, what would be the end result?

These are the sorts of questions that we must juggle. Interestingly enough, the recent science fiction film Ex Machina provided us with an intriguing, as well as haunting, indication of what might happen when artificial intelligence learns how to have feelings.

While “emotional robots” are currently available on the market, it is important to remember that this is only a superficial concept of robots having the ability to generate their own unique emotions. However, there is no question that creating an A.I. that is capable of feeling on its own terms is one of the major goals of anyone working in this field. Aldebaran released Pepper, which provided some fascinating ideas about how robots can mirror the emotions of the humans around them, but keep in mind that the work in regards to AI developing emotions is ongoing work. At the same time, remember that this is not something that is going to change tomorrow.

The fact that robots can mimic emotions is a remarkable achievement, to be certain. It is within the developments being made in this particular arena that we will begin to see significant gains with the desire to allow robots to feel. We will see the good that can potentially come out of this, and we will also naturally see the bad. Whether the good is going to outweigh the bad, or if the opposite is going to hold true, is something that remains to be seen.

Again, we can look to the movie Ex Machina as an indication of what may unfold. In the film, the robot not only learns to develop emotions, but it learns to manipulate the emotions of others for decidedly personal gain. Is this what we can look forward to?

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