InBody H20N Digital Scale Weight Management

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Finally track the progress of your body fat percentage with an actual smart weight scale thanks to the InBody H20N. It will give you personalized results based on a highly-advanced technology.

Get your results in less than 10 Second Tests

Simply stand on your weight scale and hold the handlebar, this technology is really advanced but very simple to use.


Enjoy a high-tech digital scale providing accurate and precise results

Get results you can trust with the smart weight scale created by the company that pioneered modern BIA technology.


Finally trust your scale providing data that matters

You’ll get both your Percent Body Fat and BMI values so you can see how PBF is more accurate and reliable than BMI.


Real-time convenient tracking of your progress

Check out your progress anywhere, anytime. Get your results on your app and track your progress conveniently and in real-time, right from your phone.





Get your result in real time, it is faster than brushing your teeth!

It will be very easy to testing your body composition on the InBody H20N. Step on the scale and pick up the handle, you will get your results in 10 seconds. All your data is automatically recorded and synched to your phone (simply install the InBody App!)