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HOBOT-2S Window Cleaning Robot with Dual Ultrasonic Water Spray

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  • Hobot-2S Window Cleaning Robot

    With the patented dual ultrasonic spray nozzles, the Edge-Leakage Sensors, and the Creative Voice function, the HOBOT-2S will redefine your window cleaning experience because it couldn’t be easier! Our ultrasonic spray nozzles nebulize water into fine mist particles, employing biomimicry design concepts to imitate the human action of blowing a breath onto the glass before cleaning it. The innovative Edge-Leakage Sensors offer more accurate detection, allowing the robot to move effortlessly on any vertical surface. With the HOBOT App, you can now replace the default voice prompt with any sound of your choice, creating more fun and a personal touch to your robot. You can also update the firmware easily through the App to stay up-to-date with the latest features.

    Designed to Complete the Job

    The ultrasonic spray nozzles can nebulize water into 15μm fine mist particules to deliver unparallel cleaning results without leaving water stains, and clean 1m² only with 1.4ml water consumption. The two caterpillar belts attached to HOBOT moves quickly at 12cm per second; in other words, HOBOT can clean 1 m2 area in 2.4 minutes. HOBOT is specially designed to operate on glasses of all thickness and design.

    With the high volume centrifugal pump that consistently supply negative pressure, HOBOT-2S is capable of overcoming small air leakages and working smoothly on various surfaces.

    The Edge-Leakage Sensor Technology can detect air leakage caused by the slight lift around the window seal or the edge of the frameless windows.

    Intelligent Robot

    The size of the microfiber cleaning cloth is 24×24 cm; the large size makes HOBOT suitable for homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, and others small businesses.

    HOBOT has auto edge detection and is also preprogrammed to work in zigzag routes first horizontally then vertically, cleaning thoroughly without missing a spot.

    The 4.5-meter-long safety rope can bear up to 200kg pulling force. Before operating HOBOT, always tie the safety rope to a fixed object indoors. The power cord is 5 meters long, allowing HOBOT to work on large areas and surfaces far away from a power socket.

    In case of power outage, the embedded Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) keeps HOBOT in position for 20 minutes with audio alert. Start HOBOT simply by pushing the Easy Start button, and the sophisticated-looking device will begin to work magic on your windows!

    • 1x HOBOT-2S 
    • 1x Set of cables
    • 1x User Manual
  • Warranty:
    12 months

    Adhesive type:
    Vacuum, Square



    Device size (LWH):
    240x240x86 mm

    AI Technology V4

    Cleaning pattern:
    Liner clean, Zigzag then N-way

    Replaceable water tank:
    2 x 26 ml

    Nozzle type:
    Ultrasonic, 108 Khz (Kilo Hertz)

    Water particle size:
    15 μm (Micrometer)

    Window detergent:
    220 ml

    Auto-cleaning modes:
    3 modes

    64 dB @1 m

    Suction force:
    6.0 Kgs

    Workable window size:
    >40x40 cm

    Power range:
    100~240V, 50~60Hz

    Power consumption:
    72 W

    Cleaning cloth:

    Embedded Li-Po battery:
    20 mins