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LAVA ME 3 Touch Smart Guitar

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  • LAVA ME 3 Touch Smart Guitar

    Sound, tech, and design come together in this state-of-the-art instrument. After years of dedication, LAVA MUSIC is proud to present a modern addition to our product line and to the guitar family. Presenting new features, design and accessories, the LAVA ME 3 promises to impress.

    Main features

    Multi Touch Screen & HILAVA System :The most impressive and unique guitar innovation to date. LAVA ME 3 utilizes a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a trademarked HILAVA system. The LAVA ME 3 has effects, loops, Wi-Fi connectivity, recording, and even a practice feature built into the guitar. All of the features can be used without being plugged in to an amp or power supply. 

    Effects : A wide variety of effects can now be used & altered using the touchscreen. LAVA MUSIC’ s sound engineers developed a series of sounds and effects that contain not only all of the standard Reverb, Delay, Auto-wah, Chorus, Octave, and Doubler, but also effects more widely heard in modern electronic/digitally produced music. Users can also alter the parameters of each effect down to the smallest detail.

    Practice : Learning the guitar is easier, more intuitive, and quicker with the practice feature on the LAVA ME3. Customizable lessons can be built whether it be scales, chords, or ear training. Increase accuracy, speed, and style with the guitar and nothing else.
    - Chord transition
    - Strumming
    - Scale
    - Ear Training
    - Single Note

    Loop : A favorite of the LAVA Team, the loop feature allows the user to play and record along to drum beats from Rock to RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz, EDM, Bossa Nova, and Dubstep. The loops can then be saved, uploaded, and edited after being recorded. Tempo, time signature, and duration can all be edited with the intuitive HILAVA System

    LAVA + : is the new app downloadable on IOS or Android systems. A community of global guitarists can now easily communicate, share music, and track each other's improvements over time. The APP connects directly with the players’ personal LAVA ME 3 giving them various information from time played, data space, and specific guitar specs.

    Ideal or Space Bag ? : The Ideal Bag is made with high-density fine woven fabric material.
    Space Bag uses ultra-light material which improves the waterproof performance and makes it 50% lighter than the Ideal Bag. The Space Bag has more compartments, offering more space to keep your items organized.

    Comfort, design and sound quality

    Air Sonic 2 : Our newest carbon fiber composite. The material is 30% more resistant than the previous generation and is durable under different temperature and humidity conditions
    PLEK : The renowned PLEK Pro machine cuts the frets of LAVA ME 3 to 0.01mm accuracy, allowing exceptional comfort and sound quality.
    4-Mass Design : The renowned PLEK Pro machine cuts the frets of LAVA ME 3 to 0.01mm accuracy, allowing exceptional comfort and sound quality.

    • LAVA ME 3
    • Space Charging Cable (USB-C)
    • Ideal Bag / Space Bag
    • Ideal Pick (Mix)

  • Size:
    36" or 38"

    Ideal (black, only for 36" Space grey and 36" white) or Space (for all colors, all sizes)

    Top Material:
    Super AirSonic Carbon Fiber Composite

    Body Material:
    AirSonic 2 Carbon Fiber Composite

    Elixir Nanoweb 012

    Preamp system:
    L3 Smart Preamp System with FreeBoost 2.0 Technology



    Wi-Fi 2.4G, 5G, Bluetooth 5.0

    3.5-inch LCD Multi-touch Screen 960 x 640 pixels at 326 ppi

    High-performance CPU+DSP

    Battery and charging:
    8000 mAh/3.8V
    USB-C port Wireless
    Charging Design

    LAVA+ mobile app is available on App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for android device.

    LAVA ME is intuitive to use and friendly to guitar players of all levels.


    LAVA ME 38"  
    Height: 965.9mm
    Width: 357.2mm
    Depth: 122.7mm
    Weight: 2250g

    LAVA ME 36"
    Height: 936mm
    Width: 321.5mm
    Depth: 116.5mm
    Weight: 2080g

    LAVA offers a 1-year limited warranty for the LAVA ME 3. The warranty covers product issues excluding damages caused by misuse or accidents