Robotis Bioloid STEM Level 2 - Educational Robot Kit

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  • Build Your Robot and Learn About Science

    The Robotis Stem products are specifically designed to teach kids the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This Expansion Kit provides additional robots and curriculum for theRobotis Bioloid Stem Level 1 Standard Kit.

    With this Robotis Bioloid Stem Level 2 expansion Kit you can build up to 9 example robots! This kit includes fully colored workbooks, which provide detailed assembly instructions for the robots. The workbooks cover over 54 hours of teaching material and are designed to teach kids the basics of programming, science, engineering and more.

    Learn to code

    All robots can be programmed using the free RoboPlus software. The software is designed to be simple yet educational. To teach your robot new skills, simply download the free Robo+ task software and start coding!

    Specifically designed Curriculum Guide

    The Robotis Stem Level 2 Expansion Kit includes 2 workbook guides. The workbooks are fully illustrated in color and span 7 chapters. Each chapter is further divided into 3 educational sections, which cover a Basic Phase, an Application Phase and a Practical Phase. The phases are designed to first provide a general understanding of the scientific principles before becoming more specific and teaching the application of knowledge to solve advanced problems.

    This product can only be used with the Robotis Bioloid Stem level 1 Kit!

  • 1 × Hardware to build 9 robots
    4 x AX-12A Servos
    1 x RC-100A remote
    1 x IR receiver
    4 x washers
    6 x rings
    5 x Bioloid-compatible 3P cables
    1 x elastic strap
    2 x comprehensive Workbooks

  • Dimensions:
    11"L x 8"W x 5"H

    RoboPlus (1.0) (OS: Windows XP SP2 and higher)

    Programming Language:

    Grade Level:
    7th to 12th

    Student to Robot Ratio:




    1 Year Manufacturer Warranty