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Texas Instruments 34 Multi View Teacher Kits

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Texas Instruments 34 Multi View Teacher Kits 34MV/TKT

The Texas Instruments 34 Multi View Teacher Kits can make even the most difficult maths problems run away with their tail between their legs.

Designed for middle grades math and science, the Texas 34MV displays up to 16 characters at a time and guarantees that long calculations are displayed completely. This calculating instrument's four-line display allows for a textbook view of stacked calculations, allowing you to scroll through the Texas 34MV output to comprehend each stage of the computation. It allows you to experiment with fractions, simplifications, and a variety of other functions, making it an excellent choice for middle school students. Explore difficult topics and receive an alternate view of fractions, decimals, words, and even Pi by using the toggle key on the Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator.

Math equations, symbols, and fractions display on the screen in the same way they do in textbooks thanks to the MathPrintTM function.  Follow the on-screen prompts to easily solve arithmetic, polynomial, and linear equations. The TI-34MV/TKT can be used for algebra, geometry, and general science in middle school. The calculator is solar-powered and has a backup battery built-in.

The TI-34MV/TKT comes with a limited one-year warranty and is packed with different mathematical functions that allow you to breeze through different problems easily.

  • Ideal for middle school math and general science
  • Four-line display
  • LCD Screen
  • MathPrint Feature displays expressions, symbols, fractions as in a textbook
  • Review and edit previous entries
  • Paste function
  • Variety of operations like combinations and permutations, trigonometry functions, logs and antilogs, square root function, angles, and radians, exponent, decimals, fractions
  • Easily reset calculator


Brand: Texas Instruments

Model: TI-34MV/TKT

Product Type: Scientific Calculator

Power Source: Battery/ Solar

Display Type: Large

Digit Display: 16

Display Screen Type: LCD

Number of Display Lines: 4

Functionality: Middle School Math and Science Functions like algebra, geometry, general science, and much more

Auto Power-off: Yes


1 x 10X EZ Spot Yellow Calculator

1 x Storage Caddy

1 x Teacher's Guide in English and Spanish

1 x Calculator Poster and Transparency

Warranty: 1-Year Limited