Veho DX-3 USB 3.5MP Microscope

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  • Veho DX-3 USB 3.5MP Microscope

    Introducing the new Veho DX-3 USB 3.5MP Microscope from Veho.

    This device has up to 2000x magnification (digital) and Full HD 1080p video output is a leader in its class. It is a perfectly portable device thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. It is equipped with additional features including 2.4" TFT live view screen, microSD slot for storing video footage and photo stills, plus HDMI output. Ideal for industrial inspection, computer components inspection, scientific teaching tool, laboratory research, medical analysis, plant dissection/examination, jewelry inspection, printing inspection and more.

    This device can handle videos and stills: with snapshot and video recording function up to Full HD 1080P. Finally, it also has the measurement function, being able to record measurements using included calibration software.

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  • -Veho DX-3 Microscope  -Cradle stand  -Software CD  -Quick start guide  -Calibration ruler  -Cleaning cloth

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