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Welcome to the 2015 Wellbots Ranking of the Top 25 Smart Products

We call “Smart Product” any connected device that can interact with people, its environment or other devices. Smart Products can provide useful information to their users and in some cases act using this information. Smart Products can embark modern technologies – sensors, microprocessors, software – into known devices or be brand new types of products. Examples of Smart Products are drones, cleaning robots, wearables, home automation devices, and connected toys. They are also called Internet-of-Things devices or connected devices.


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This year, our Ranking Team has surveyed over 400 manufacturers and 2,000 users of Smart Products. Industry insiders and smart product users vote on a range of criteria that include product quality and design, brand awareness, innovation, financial strength, marketing, research & development.


Rank Product Brand Product Type Score Brand Awareness Innovation Financial Strength Geographic Footprint Product Design Marketing R&D
1 Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Parrot Drone 4.93
2 Ecovacs WINBOT W930 Ecovacs Window Cleaner 4.85
3 Sphero 2.0 Sphero Robotic Ball 4.84
4 Neato Botvac 80 Neato Robot Vacuum 4.68
5 DJI Phantom 3 Advanced DJI Drone 4.63
6 Fitbit Surge Fitbit Smart Watch 4.55
7 Yujin/iClebo Arte Yujin Robot Robot Vacuum 4.52
8 3DR X8-M 3DRobotics Mapping Drone 4.50
9 Kodak CFH-V15 Kodak Video Monitor 4.40
10 Misfit Shine Misfit Activity Tracker 4.38
11 iRobot Roomba 880 iRobot Robot Vacuum 4.33
12 AwoX StriimLIGHT AwoX Smart Bulb 4.32
13 Grillbot Grillbot Grill-Cleaning Robot 4.26
14 Nest Thermostat Nest Smart Thermostat 4.24
15 Netatmo Weather Station Netatmo Smart Monitor 4.22
16 Jawbone UP3 Jawbone Activity Tracker 4.13
17 3D Systems Cube 3 3D Systems 3D Printer 4.12
18 iOttie iTap iOttie Magnetic Mount 4.07
19 olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens olloclip Smart Lens 4.02
20 MakerBot Replicator Mini MakerBot 3D Printer 4.00
21 Polaroid Socialmatic Polaroid Instant Camera 3.98
22 Aldebaran NAO Aldebaran Humanoid Robot 3.87
23 Pebble Time Pebble Smart Watch 3.80
24 3Doodler 2.0 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen 3.70
25 Sonos PLAY:3 Sonos Smart Speaker 3.56


1Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

SCORE : 4.93


Parrot’s star product, the AR.Drone 2.0 quadcopter has become a market reference for individuals who like its robustness and ease of use.

Thanks to its built-in 720p HD camera, its users can watch live video stream on a smartphone or tablet. As the AR.Drone 2.0 has great features and sells for a relatively affordable price, Parrot has become a key contributor to the now immensely popular and fast-growing consumer drone industry.

Parrot has launched a new generation of MiniDrones in Q4 2015.

Company created in 1994 in France
Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange


$285M in revenues • $542M market cap • 944 employees


• Consumer drones
• Zik wireless smart headphones
• Flower Power plant monitor
• Automotive wireless solutions

2Ecovacs WINBOT W930

SCORE : 4.85


The Ecovacs WINBOT W930 automatic window cleaner is the most advanced window-cleaning robot. It can clean any glass area and does not need anyone’s help. Launched in April 2015, it has become the leading window-cleaning robot. The W930 has won numerous awards including the Red Dot Design Award in 2015.

Ecovacs, its manufacturer, is a true global brand: it was founded in China, has branches in the US and Europe, and it has successfully launched smart products in over 30 countries. The company is number 5 in the world and market leader in China for robotic cleaners.

Company created in 2006 in China
Owns 684 patents


5,000 employees • 60 million products sold


• Deebot: robotic vacuum cleaners
• Winbot: robotic window cleaners
• Atmobot: mobile air-cleaning robot
• Famibot: entertainment and home security robot

3Sphero 2.0

SCORE : 4.84


Sphero 2.0 is a robotic ball controlled by a smartphone or a tablet via an app. Intelligent and versatile, it transforms the world into a gaming playground. The possibilities of use are numerous: build race tracks, create stunt courses, or turn any space into a video game with augmented reality apps.

Sphero has created the next generation of gaming and entertainment products. Sphero 2.0 is only one of the many smart toys recently launched by its manufacturer. In 2015, Sphero signed a Partnership with Disney; it is launching the BB-8 droid - featured in the December 2015 Star Wars movie.

Company created in 2010 in Colorado
Partnership signed with Disney in 2015


$80M raised since inception • 160K Facebook followers


• Sphero 2.0
• Sphero SPRK
• Ollie and Darkside Ollie
• BB-8

4Neato Botvac 80

SCORE : 4.68


Neato Botvac 80 is the smartest robot vacuum cleaner in the market. Particularly skilled for picking up hair, it is a great fit for pet owners. It is equipped with the latest patented LaserSmart technology which allows it to determine the best way to efficiently vacuum floors. Its D-shape design allows it to clean along walls, furniture and even in corners.

In less than 10 years, Neato has become a leading player in the robot vacuum sector. The company was born at Stanford University. It is launching 3 new vacuums in Q4 2015: the Botvac Connected, D75 and D80-85.

Company created in 2005 in California
Born at Stanford's Annual Entrepreneur's Challenge


Raised $60M in funding • 6 product launches in 2015


• XV Series: 21, Signature, Signature Pro
• Botvac Series: 70e, 75, 80, 85
• Botvac D Series: D75, D80-85
• Botvac Connected

5DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

SCORE : 4.63


The largest manufacturer of consumer drones in the world - DJI - has launched a new version of its Phantom Drone in 2015: the Phantom 3 Advanced. That drone features a stabilized camera with a 1080p resolution as well as enhanced motors allowing for a 23-minute flight time on a single charge. Its range has also been improved to 1.2 miles or 2 km.

China-based DJI has become a multi-billion dollar company and is expected to generate $1B in sales in 2015.

Company created in 2006 in China
The world leading manufacturer of drones


$8B valuation • $1B in sales (2015 exp.) • 3,300 employees


• Ready-to-fly drones: Phantom, Inspire
• Botvac D Series: D75, D80-85
• Camera gimbals: Ronin, Zenmuse

6Fitbit Surge

SCORE : 4.55


The Fitbit Surge fitness super watch is the #1 selling GPS watch in the US. This smart watch with a 7-day battery life opens doors to a multitude of useful and first-class services for runners and the athlete in us all: GPS tracking, Heart Rate and Activity tracking, Training summaries, Music, Sleep monitoring, Wireless syncing. Fibit Surge can now be seen as the smartest way to push oneself further.

Fitbit is a leader in the connected health and fitness market. The company went public in June 2015. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker FIT.

Company created in 2007 in San Francisco
Listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2015


$1.3B in revenues • $7B market cap • 727 employees


• Everyday Fitness: Zip, One, Flex, Charge
• Performance Fitness: Surge
• Smart Scale: Aria
• Exclusive Collection: Tory Burch for Fitbit

7Yujin/iClebo Arte

SCORE : 4.52


Yujin/iClebo Arte has been one of the best-selling robot vacuums in 2015. It is equipped with a Camera Vision Mapping technology. It has been awarded World's Best Cleaning Performance at the German Cleaning Robot Performance Test.

Formerly iClebo, the vacuum product line was rebranded to Yujin to reflect the name of the mother company, Yujin Robot. The company is listed in South Korea. Its most advanced and recently-launched robot vacuum is the Yujin eX500.

Company created in 1988 in Seoul
Listed on South Korea’s Kosdaq


Mother company Yujin Robot has a $110M market cap


• Robot Vacuums: iClebo, eX300, eX500
• Education Robot: iRobi Q
• Industrial Robots
• R&D Platforms

83DR X8-M

SCORE : 4.50


The X8-M by 3D Robotics is a mapping drone designed to create high-resolution aerial maps. This powerful drone gathers accurate aerial data quickly, easily and reliably.

Fully automated, the X8-M can fly at low altitudes and slow speeds, helping it capture images with a level of detail and precision unmatched by manned flights or satellite imagery.

3D Robotics (now 3DR) is the largest consumer and commercial drone manufacturer in North America. Its latest gem is the Solo, a drone launched in mid-2015.

Company created in 2009 in California
Co-founded by former Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief


Raised $100M+ from VCs • 350 employees


• Consumer Drones: Solo, X8+, Iris+, Aero
• Mapping Drones: X8-M, Aero-M
• Accessories, DIY, Kits

9Kodak CFH-V15

SCORE : 4.40


Kodak CFH-V15 is a video monitor that allows you to check in on your loved ones, pets or property with smooth HD streaming video, crisp two-way audio, and automatic night vision via the free iSecurity+ app (iOS, Android) on your smartphone or tablet.

Eastman Kodak is a company whose name is known all over the world. It has been associated with imaging for more than a century. The company has 7,300 employees. It has become a leader in the smart monitoring field with its CFH-V10, CFH-V15 and the most recent CFH-V20 launched in Q4 2015.

Company created in 1892 in New York
Sold many of its patents for $525M to
companies including Apple, Google


$2B in revenues in 2014 • $700M market cap


• Video Monitors: CFH-V10, CFH-V15, CFH-V20
• Baby Monitors: CFH-BVA10

10Misfit Shine

SCORE : 4.38


Misfit Shine is a fitness and sleep monitor. It is arguably one of the most fashionable activity trackers ever made. It was engineered following two main principles: simplicity and reliability. It is waterproof and does not require charging. Set personalized goals and constantly track progress by simply tapping on its touch screen.

In January 2015, Misfit announced that the company is moving beyond fitness to home automation and smartphone controls (Bolt, Link). The company name honors Steve Jobs who died the day Misfit was founded.

Company created in 2011 in the US
Operations based in San Francisco, Ho Chi
Minh and Seoul


Raised $63M • 66% of revenues outside the US


• Fitness & Sleep Monitors: Shine, Flash
• Smart Lighting: Bolt
• Activity Monitor & Smart Button: Link
• Sleep Monitor: Beddit

11iRobot Roomba 880

SCORE : 4.33


iRobot Roomba 880 is a robot vacuum that uses AeroForce technology to offer a perfect combination of vacuum suction and debris extraction. It cleans one room before moving on to the next for effortless room-to-room cleaning.

iRobot is the leading manufacturer of home-cleaning robots. The company traces its roots in MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab. It went public in 2005 under ticker symbol IRBT (Nasdaq). The company has sold more than 10 million units of its Roomba vacuum cleaner. Besides home robots, iRobot also manufactures military and policing robots.

Company created in 1990 in Massachusetts
Listed on Nasdaq in 2005


$570M in revenues • $934M market cap • 606 employees


• Vacuum Cleaning: Roomba
• Floor Scrubbing: Scooba
• Floor Mopping: Braava
• Outdoor Cleaning: Mirra (pool), Looj (gutter)

12AwoX StriimLIGHT

SCORE : 4.32


AwoX StriimLIGHT is a powerful light bulb with an integrated high-quality Bluetooth speaker. It will fit perfectly in any standard lamp. It allows you to play your favorite songs and also control the light in any room, via your smartphone or tablet. Several bulbs can be used at the same time; or each bulb can be used separately to create different musical atmospheres from one room to another.

AwoX StriimLIGHT received the CES Innovations Design & Engineering Award.

Company created in 2003 in France
Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange


$14M projected 2015 revenues • 24K Facebook followers


• Lighting: AromaLIGHT, StriimLIGHT, SmartLIGHT, CamLIGHT, SafeLIGHT
• Audio: StriimSOUND, StriimLINK
• Video: StriimSTICK, StriimCAST


SCORE : 4.26


Who likes to clean the grill after each barbecue, party, or cook-out? The Grillbot grill-cleaning robot is the perfect solution to save the time and energy that this boring task requires. It will leave the barbecue perfectly clean.

As the world's first automatic grill-cleaning robot, Grillbot received many awards including the International Home & Houseware Show Innovation Award and the National Hardware Show Gold Innovation Award.

Company created in 2013 in New York
The world’s first automatic grill cleaner


Sold 40 000 units worldwide


• Grillbot in 4 colors
• Accessories: case, brushes, charger

14Nest Thermostat

SCORE : 4.24


The Nest Learning Thermostat is the flagship product in a new generation of programmable thermostats. In less than 3 days, it learns the preferences and the schedule of its user. It is able to program itself by using the data it has gathered. It then determines the best settings to lower energy consumption and save you money. The setup takes less than 30 minutes.

Co-founded by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers in 2010, Nest Labs was acquired by Google in 2014. Nest bought Dropcam later that year. It has 1,000+ employees.

Company created in 2010 in California
Acquired by Google in January 2014


Sold for $3.2B in 2014 • Sells 100K thermostats per month


• Learning Thermostat
• Protect Smoke & CO Detector
• Home Camera

15Netatmo Weather Station

SCORE : 4.22


Netatmo Weather Station is a connected device that measures your indoor and outdoor comfort for a healthier home. It provides vital information such as temperature, humidity, air quality, and CO2 readings. This product has two sensors: one for indoor, one for outdoor.

Netatmo is a France-based company whose four products have been awarded by the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Company created in 2011 in France
Launched US subsidiary in 2012


Raised $5.8M in 2013 • 30K Facebook followers


• Weather Station
• Welcome: home camera with face recognition
• Thermostat: designed by Philippe Starck
• June: Sun-protection bracelet

16Jawbone UP3

SCORE : 4.13


Jawbone UP3 is one of the most advanced activity trackers on the market. It has a beautiful, classic design and it provides useful information such as number of calories burnt, heart rate and quality of sleep. The Smart Coach app is the ideal coach to adopt healthy habits.

Jawbone is a leader in the wearable field. In 2012, CEO and founder Hosain Rahman was named to Fortune Magazine's 40 Under 40.

Company created in 1999 in San Francisco
Owns over 230 patents


Raised $600M+ • $3.3B valuation in 2014


• Activity trackers: UP, UP2, UP3, UP4
• Speakers: JAMBOX
• Headsets: ERA

173D Systems Cube 3

SCORE : 4.12


3D Systems’ Cube 3 is one of the first 3D printers to make the jump from office to home. It unleashes creativity with an easy-to-use, entertaining, and useful 3D printer. With the Cube 3, anyone can become a designer: fashion that is print to fit, hacks for hobbies, crafts for home and custom toys for children. Unlimited life personalization is only a click away on the print button.

3D Systems is one of the world leaders in 3D printing. Company motto: “manufacture the future now”.

Company created in 1986 in California
Listed on the New York Stock Exchange


$685M in revenues • $1.5B market cap • 2,136 employees


• Consumer: Cubify
• Desktop: Cube
• Professional: ProJet
• Production: ProX

18iOttie iTap

SCORE : 4.07


The iOttie iTap is a magnetic mount that holds your smartphone on the vent of your car. You can now drive more safely. Not only is this accessory very convenient and easy to use, but it is also very discreet.

Founded in 2010, iOttie has since become a leader in the car accessories industry. Its products are designed in New York and manufactured in South Korea. Company motto: “Mount Smart. Drive Smarter!”

Company created in 2010 in New York
Owns multiple patents & trademarks


$10M in revenues • 12K Facebook followers


• Car Mounts: Easy One Touch, iTap, Easy Flex
• Outdoor Mounts: MiGo, Edge Bike Mount
• Pebble Time Round: world’s thinnest Smart Watch
• Chargers: Qi

19olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens

SCORE : 4.02


Olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens enhances your iPhone’s built-in camera and turns anyone into an advanced mobile photographer. Simply attach this compact, easy-to-use accessory to your iPhone, iPad or Samsung smartphone. It includes a range of 4 advanced optic quick-change lenses, each small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. It can achieve over 60x magnifications with impressive photo quality.

Olloclip has received many awards from CEA, USA Today, and IFA. The company founder, Patrick O’Neill won the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year award from Entrepreneur Magazine.

Company created in 2009 in California
Started with a successful Kickstarter campaign


$25M in revenues • 22K Twitter followers


• Lenses: 4-in-1, Active, Wide Angle, Macro Pro
• Cases: Ollocase, Quick-Flip

20MakerBot Replicator Mini

SCORE : 4.00


MakerBot’s Replicator Mini is a compact 3D printer with an appealing price tag. Meant to be used at home by non-professionals, the Replicator Mini is an affordable and easy-to-use 3D printer.

MakerBot is one of the leading consumer 3D printing companies in the world. It was acquired by giant Stratasys (which specializes in professional-grade 3D printers) in 2013 for $403M. MakerBot’s sales grew by over 600% from 2012 to 2014. The company has sold over 80,000 units. Its motto: “If you can imagine it, you can make it”.

Company created in 2009 in New York
Acquired by Stratasys in 2013


400 employees • Stratasys has $775M in revenues


• Compact 3D Printer: Replicator Mini
• Desktop 3D Printer: Replicator, Replicator 2X
• Professional 3D Printer: Replicator Z18
• 3D Scanning: Digitizer

21Polaroid Socialmatic

SCORE : 3.98


Polaroid’s Socialmatic is an instant-print digital camera. It lets you capture, share, and print your favorite moments instantly. The Socialmatic has a 4.5" touchscreen and it connects via WiFi or Bluethooth. That smart camera makes photography interactive and social.

Polaroid is a famous brand, particularly recognized for its digital cameras and historic leading market position in the polarized sunglasses business. The company grew to 21,000 employees in 1978, and its peak revenue was $3 billion in 1991. Today, Polaroid has become a brand licensor to companies that distribute consumer electronics and eyewear.

Company created in 1937 in the US
Emerged from bankruptcy twice


$600M in revenues • 257K Twitter followers


• Instant Cameras: Socialmatic, Zip, Pic-300
• Action Cameras: Cube, XS100
• Cameras & Camcorders: PD, iD, iS series
• Tablets, Smartphones, TVs

22Aldebaran NAO

SCORE : 3.87


NAO is the most advanced model of the new generation of social robots. Your first interaction with this 23-inch tall humanoid companion is special. NAO interacts, recognizes, hears and even talks to human beings and is able to move autonomously around your home.

NAO is truly a loveable, daily companion. It is currently most popular in school classes, from primary to university. Students can learn how to program in a fun and interactive way with NAO.

Company created in 2005 in France
Sold to SoftBank in 2012


700+ NAO sold • SoftBank bought a 80% stake for $100M


• NAO: 23-inch humanoid, social robot
• Pepper: 47-inch robot capable of human interactions
• Romeo (project): personal assistant for the elderly

23Pebble Time

SCORE : 3.80


With Pebble Time, it seems that time control is now possible in one quick gesture. With more than 1,000 apps available, this comfortable, water-resistant and playful Smart Watch discreetly pushes the right information without spoiling the present moment. Its innovative timeline offers a powerful way to manage time and events. With a 7-day battery life, you may not even notice it - a luxury for a Smart Watch.

Pebble Time’s interface highlights the most important moments of your day at the touch of your fingertips. Remember what happened and be prepared for what’s next.

Company created in 2011 in California
Originally funded through Kickstarter


$60M in revenues in 2014 • $10M+ raised on Kickstarter


• Pebble Classic: the original device
• Pebble Time: a new way to experience time
• Pebble Time Round: world’s thinnest Smart Watch
• Time Steel: made of premium materials

243Doodler 2.0

SCORE : 3.70


3Doodler 2.0 is the world's first 3D printing pen. This outstanding piece of technology offers endless possibilities. It can draw anything in 3 dimensions, using a large number of colors. It also fixes things. There is literally no limit to the things it can create in 3 dimensions - except the limits of your imagination. Design-thinking and rapid-prototyping have never been so quick, easy and efficient.

3Doodler 2.0 is fueled with state-of-the-art technology, enabling you to control the production speed and manually adjust temperature optimization for perfect results.

Company created in 2012 in the US
Started with a successful Kickstarter campaign


Over 100,000 units sold • $2M+ raised on Kickstarter


• 3Doodler Pen
• Accessories: Doodlestand, Jetpack, DoodlePad
• Book: How to master the use of a 3Doodle Pen

25Sonos PLAY:3

SCORE : 3.56


Sonos PLAY:3 offers an incredible immersive sound experience thanks to its unique room-filling power. Its trio of high-standard speakers combined with its digital amplifier has been thoughtfully designed to perfectly unify high and low pitches. Sonos PLAY:3 projects an unequalled sound quality into any environment.

Sonos PLAY:3 is controlled wirelessly and can be put anywhere, both horizontally or vertically. Customers love it because it is easy to set up, it lets you stream music from various sources (computer & phone) and it provides superior sound quality.

Company created in 2002 in California
Largest private-sector tenant in downtown
Santa Barbara


$1B projected 2015 revenues • Sold in 60 countries


• Speakers: PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5
• Home Theater: PLAYBAR, SU