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Adurosmart ZigBee starter pack 1x gateway + 2x dimmable bulb 2700K

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  • Adurosmart ZigBee starter pack 1x gateway + 2x dimmable bulb 2700K 

    Set the mood right, anytime, every time in your space with the tap of your fingertips. Control that even without bothering to get up to switch and dim your lights.

    Your ERIA hub + dimmable lights can be controlled anywhere from within 90 ft. Want to set a lighting schedule so you don’t have to be bothered about switching lights? You’re in for a treat because the Eria hub allows you to do just that.

    Convenient Wireless Connectivity

    Control your smart bulbs without sweating. Imagine being able to control your lights in the living room while you’re in the bedroom or kitchen. As long as you’re within 90 ft around your home, control your lighting wirelessly.

    Easy installation, no sweat

    We’re giving you an absolute wire-free installation and control! No wiring is required to install it at your home, even without a professional electrician.

    Save more with the dimmer feature

    The wireless dimmer switch allows you to turn your lights on/off and dim up to 20 lights at the same time from 0 to 100%. This saves you more energy even with a small percentage dimming.

    Energy Efficient bulbs

    Powered with 800 lumens and 10W soft white bulbs (2700k), you can save up to 80% energy without sacrificing the brightness.

    Do more with ERIA Hub Integration

    Using the AduroSmart hub unlocks the full potential of ERIA products. You can customize the functionalities according to your preferences

    • 1 x AduroSmart ERIA Hub
    • 2 x ERIA Soft White A19 Smart Bulbs