AirFree Iris 3000 Air Purifier for Allergies

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  • Patented Technology: Removes mold, dust, mites, pet dander

    AirFree uses an innovative, yet extremely efficient technology to purify air. Unlike conventional air purifiers, Airfree uses heat to successfully remove toxins from the air. While the heat contribution to your room is only minor, AirFree is thus able to remove 99% of toxins from the air.

    This model cleans air for an area of up to 650 square feet. The Iris series features an exclusive multi color night light.

    Wellbots - AirFree P3000 Air Purifier removes dust, mold, allergens, smoke, pet dander and more

    Better than your conventional Air Purifier

    The patented AirFree TSS technology presents a clear advantage compared to conventional air purifiers. AirFree works without filter. It requires zero maintenance and remains completely silent - all the time!

    Watch the video to see AirFree's effectiveness:

    Exclusive Night Light

    AirFree Iris features an exclusive adjustable night light. You can choose between 10 different colors to set the mood for your home. This makes this air purifier not only functional but also a great accessory for your home.

    Wellbots - AirFree Iris 3000 - Air purifier with adjustable night light

    Compact Purifier with a Simple Design

    AirFree convinces with a compact design, which makes this home air purifier a good fit for any room. AirFree works in any room of at least 330 ft3, even your walking closet!

    Wellbots - AirFree P3000 Air Purifier removes dust, mold, allergens, smoke, pet dander and more
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  • Name:
    AirFree Iris 3000

    Room size:
    650 sq. ft.

    10.4 in height x 8.4 in diameter

    Noise level:

    Particle reduction:
    Effectively removes 99.99% of micro organisms (any size).

    Ozon Free:

    Night light:
    Yes (multi color)

    Electric consumption:


    2 Year Manufacturer Warranty




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