AirPop Replacement Filters 4-pack

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  • AirPOP Replacement Filters 4-pack

    These 4 AirPOP filters are compatible with all AirPOP Original, Active and Active+ face mask. Set of 4 pieces. Up to 40 hrs cumulative use per filter.

    • 4 x replaceable filters

  • Dimensions:
    AirPOP AirPOP Original and Active mask adapt to faces measuring : 
    In width (cheekbone to cheekbone) : 4.1-5.9 inch (105-150mm)
    In length (node bridge to chin) : 4.1-6.0 inch (105-153 mm)

    0.96 oz

    Wear Time : 
    40 hours of cumulative use


    Each AirPop Original and Active replaceable filter, when properly cleaned and maintained, will continue performing at >98% filter efficiency for at least 40 hours of wear time.

    To achieve this all replaceable filters should be cleaned with 70% alcohol for a minimum of 20 seconds and dried naturally >24 hours.

    Skin Friendly:

    The materials used in all AirPop masks are tested to DIN ISO 10993-5 2009-10 by an independent lab and are certified as hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and skin-friendly. All tests were conducted by Hohenstein Institute.

    Filtration technology:
    electrostatically charged double TorayMicron nano-fiber layers


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