Amaryllo Apollo Biometric Auto Tracking Security Camera

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  • Amaryllo Apollo Biometric Auto Tracking Security Camera 

    Know what's happening on your property with the Amaryllo Apollo Security Camera. This revolutionary home surveillance system uses modern technology to protect your home from unwanted guests, thieves and even fire. Amaryllo uses biometric technology to distinguish between vehicles, pets and humans. The system will only send you a push notification when your property is really in danger. 

    Use Biometric Data to Detect Security Vulnerabilities 

    Amaryllo Apollo uses biometrics to protect your home. Included functions include Facial Recognition: Receive immediate notification when your kids and elderly are home, and keep your pets out of trouble; Crystal Clear Night Vision: Apollo comes with 8 built-in infrared LED lights for superb night vision; Fire Warning Support (available on optional plans): Take immediate action when a possible fire is spotted; Heat Map and Path Tracking (available on optional plans): Determine areas of highest human activities and see how people navigate around your home; Human & Vehicle Detection (available on optional plans): Notifies you when a person is detected or a vehicle parks on your property.


    Multi-functioned device

    • 1080p FHD Wi-Fi Camera • 360° Auto-Tracking  • Two-Way Communication  • Crystal Clear Night Vision  • Human Voice Greeting  • Motion & Audio Triggered Notifications  • 256-bit Military Grade Encryption

  • Video:
    1080p HD, Live View, Night Vision

    Average Install Time:
    5 minutes

    1 Year

    Amaryllo Apollo