Apricorn Aegis Mass Storage Padlock DT FIPS Encrypted Desktop Hard Drive

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The Apricorn Padlock DT FIPS (140-2 Level 2 Validated Encryption) is the perfect desktop encrypted storage device to gather all your sensitive information into one place and is one of Apricorn's largest storage capabilities (up to 12 Terabytes) .

You can safely stock all your data with this high-security desktop hard drive. It's 100% Software-free; hardware based, 256-bit AES XTS encrypted, Host-Free Onboard Keypad Authentification.

It comes with fast USB 3.2 data transfer speeds and a built-in keypad PIN to authenticate the user. It's compatible with all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrom.. 100% OS agnostic. Internal components are protected from physical falsification with a layer of hardened epoxy and the hardware is fully lockdown to prevent any malware attacks.


Data Transfer Rate: USB 3.1 - up to 5 Gbps - Power Supply: 12V AC Adapter - Warranty: 3 year limited - Available from 2 to 16 Terabytes - Shock absorption: 1000 G 1ms - Average Seek Time: 12 ms - Dimensions: 4.5" X 7.2" X 1.5"