Apricorn Aegis Padlock 3.0 Mass Storage Encrypted Solid State Drive

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The Apricorn Aegis Padlock 3.0 is the perfect portable (pocket-sized) encrypted storage device to gather all your sensitive information into one place and bring it with you everywhere you go. You can safely stock all your datas with this high security portable Solid State Drive.

It's 100% Software-free; harware based, 256-bit AES XTS, Host-Free Onboard Keypad Authentification. It comes with fast USB 3.2 data transfer speeds and built-in keypad PIN to authenticate user.

It's compatible with all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrom.. 100% OS agnostic. Internal components are protected from physical falsification with a layer of hardened epoxy and the hardware is fully lockdown to prevent any malware attacks.


Data Transfer Rate: USB 3.0 - up to 1600 MB/sec - Power Supply: 100% Bus Powered - Warranty: 3 year limited - Available from 256GB SSD to 8 Terabytes SSD - Buffez Size: 8 Mb - Average Seek Size: 0.1ms Access Time - Shock Operating: up to 1,500G - RPM: 5400 HDD - You can also check our Hard Drive model in the same collection.