SURFboard mAX Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System - AX6600

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  • SURFboard mAX Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System - AX6600

    The latest Surfboard Max Mesh System with WiFi 6 brings you the blazing internet experience to scale according to your speed and home requirement. The Surfboard Max Mesh WiFi System comes as a standalone router as well as a 2-pack system which includes another WiFi node for expanding range. If fast internet speed, high range, consistent throughput performance are your needs, Surfboard Max WiFi 6 Mesh System is here to solve your limited and laggy internet woes.


    With WiFi 6 technology, you can now connect several users and devices to a single internet connection and simultaneously enjoy Surfboard Max's superfast internet connection at 5 times the speed and greater range than the previous WiFi 5 technology. The Surfboard Max's tri-band WiFi system provides multiple channels for the router connections, non WiFi 6 support devices and high speed devices at the same time.


    The Surfboard Max Mesh WiFi System is compatible with all the DOCSIS cable, fiber and satellite internet services. It includes gigabit ethernet ports, LAN and WAN ports for maximum portability.


    With the Surfboard Central App, you can setup and manage all your connected devices through only a few taps. You can also create guest user accounts, limit access and manage device permissions through the app.

  • Standalone router: 1 x SURFboard mAX Router, 1 x Power Adaptor
    2 pack: 2 x SURFboard mAX Router, 2 x Power Adaptor

  • Model Number:
    Standalone: W21
    Two Pack: W121

    5.7 lbs


    7.95 x 7.95 x 7.64 in

    Frequency Bands:
    2.4 GHz, 5 GHz

    WiFi Coverage:
    5500 sq. ft.

    WiFi Speed:
    Max 6.6 Gbps

    Max 3 routers per system

    Number of Ethernet Ports:


    W21 / W121