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Smart Wine Aerator

Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

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  • Aveine Smart Wine Aerator

    Discover the first wine aerator connected in the world, by Aveine tested and recognized by professionals!

    In order to serve the wine in the best conditions for tasting and release all its aromas, it must be properly aerated. However, decanting the wine or thinking about opening the bottle several hours in advance is a step that we tend to omit. 
    Thanks to the Smart Aerator wine by Aveine and its patented technology, each wine is perfectly aerated in an instant; and everyone can now serve and taste any wine in perfect conditions.

    The Aveine aerator wine is adjustable and aerates a wine instantly, revealing its flavours without decanting.

    It is designed to be plugged directly on a standard bottleneck and to be used either as an autonomous device thanks to its touch screen during a wine tasting or with the help of its dedicated mobile app. 



    How does it work technically?

    The Aveine wine aerator precisely calculates the ideal aeration  of any wine, allowing immediate consumption upon opening of the bottle.

    It uses patented technology  to recreate the aeration process in a controlled manner by mixing air into the wine as it flows from the bottle, exposing it to more oxygen.
    The process does not alter the wine's intrinsic qualities (no chemicals are involved).
    The wine aerator can be used with all types of wine bottles.

    A dedicated smart and easy application

    Users can download a freesmartphone app that is used to control the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator.
    After scanning the label on the bottle, the wine is identified by pulling from a database and using Artificial Intelligence, then pairs with the Aeratorto calibrate it to that wine’s ideal level of aeration.

    You just need to:
    1. Open the bottle, place the Aerator on the neck and take your smartphone.
    2. Open the Aveine app’, connect your phone to the Aerator via Bluetooth and scan the label on the bottle.
    It will instantly calibrate the Aerator.
    3. Serve the wine

    It is very easy !

    The Aerator can also be used without the app, from its touchscreen, allowing users to have fun trying out different levels of aeration and exploring new tastes.

    • 1 Wine aerator by Aveine
    • 1 Charging station
    • 1 power cable
    • 1 user manual

  • Dimensions (W x L x H):
    5.90 X 1.96 X 2.36 inches
    15cm x 5cm x 6cm

    3.74 lbs

    Graphical user interface:
    256 x 64 px, OLED 2.80

    Touch interface
    Capacitive slab

    Nordic Semiconductorn

    Power Supply:

    Bluetooth 4

    Charging station, power cable

    IP55, food-grade

    Temperature sensor, accelerometer, bottleneck detection

    Piezoelectric air pump

    Smart Wine Aerator