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BLUE LAVA Touch Smart Guitar

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Sail White
Midnight Black
Ice Blue / Ocean Blue
Aqua Green / Mint Green
Coral Pink / Lavender

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  • BLUE LAVA Touch Smart Guitar

    Multi-touch Display
    FreeBoost 2.0 Technology
    Pop Art Inspired Design in Vibrant Colors
    Eco-friendly Materials

    Main features

    Multi touch display : A multi-touch display integrated with the world’s leading HILAVA OS is built into the guitar body crafted with new materials and vibrant colors. It is powerful, fun to play, and affordable.

    Practice App : Featuring 5 major practice modes, it offers instant feedback on your playing. After each practice, it also generates a detailed report that you can sync to your mobile phone and review whenever you like. Every practice can be fun like a live performance if you combine it with the Effects and Loops apps.

    Effects App and Loops App : You can start playing instantly with the quick access to Tuner, Tempo, Effects, and Loops apps on the lockscreen. The Effects app features FreeBoost 2.0 technology and incorporates a series of rich sound effects that can be used without external equipment. The Loops app contains diverse grooves from R&B to electronic to classic, enabling you to play every role in a band just by yourself.

    Airflow bag or Lite bag : 

    Create and share :
    the Recorder app connected with pickup sensor and built-in microphone records crystal clear sounds. With the Loops and Effects apps, creating, editing, and sharing can all be flexibly accomplished from the guitar. The mobile LAVA+ app is an online community to get social by music. With its auto sync feature, you can review your works, import music and pictures, and check playing history anytime you need.

    For a Better Blue Planet

    LAVA focuses on optimizing material use and production techniques. The wood has been replaced with recyclable HPL to reduce deforestation and manufactured through automatic production lines to prevent industrial waste. This makes BLUE LAVA friendly to the environment while maintaining high performance

    HPL adapts to changes in temperature from -20℃ to 90℃ and humidity from 10% to 90%.

    It is lightweight, sturdy, weatherproof, and easy to maintain. 

    • Charging Cable (USB-C to USB-A)
    • Lite Bag or Airflow Bag
    • Ideal Pick

  • Tuner:
    Aluminum screwless machine head Pad-printed logo

    Truss Rod:
    Magnetic truss rod cover

    Forged with CNC machining

    Action at 2.3mm-2.5mm

    Matte & anti-scratch coating Chromatic Aberration < 1.0

    LAVA offers a 1-year limited warranty for the BLUE LAVA