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Brondell Swash Select DR802 Smart Bidet Seat with Remote

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Brondell Swash Select DR802 Bidet Seat with Remote Control

Elongated: 18.5 in x 20.7 in x 5.7 in / Round: 18.5 in x 19.5 in x 5.7 in

With Swash Select, you can transform your bathroom in an instant and enjoy the modern comfort of user-friendly personal hygiene today and in the future as well.

Electronic bidet toilet seats have advanced functions, and the Brondell Swash DR802 is no exception. Specialized wash settings ensure that you receive the clean you need, all with continuous warm water, a warm air dryer, and an automatic carbon deodorizer, all in one machine. An easy-to-use lite-touch remote lets you customize and save your cleaning preferences. 

It is possible to have high-end customizable features at an affordable price with the Swash Select DR802 Luxury Bidet Seat. With a hygienic self-cleaning Stainless Steel Nozzle, an ergonomic heated seat, a warm air dryer, adjustable water temperature, and pressure, an automatic deodorizer, and a soothing Illuminating Nightlight to guide you through those late-night trips to the bathroom, it's designed to give you a modern cleaning experience. 

A wireless remote control, warm air dryer, and an automatic carbon deodorizer are included in the Brondell Swash DR802 top-tier model of the Swash Select series. You also have the option of saving money and energy by using the Eco Mode, which is available. Upgrade your way of life and get a taste of the personal hygiene of the future right now.

The Benefits of a Brondell Swash Bidet Toilet Seat:

Superior hygiene:
Water cleans in a way that paper can’t. Brondell bidets are safe, sanitary, and innovative. Advance your hygiene and upgrade your bathroom without replacing your toilet.

Brondell bidets keep you clean while minimizing the need for toilet paper, saving you money, and producing less waste.

Up to 37 gallons of water are used to produce one roll of toilet paper; the equivalent of nearly 150 washes from a Brondell bidet seat. 


Model / SKU: DR802-EW

Power Voltage: 120V / 60Hz 

Max Power Consumption: 870W

Supply Water Pressure: 9.95 psi – 106.7 psi

Dimensions: 15.9 in x 20.7 in x 5.7 in

Power Cord Length: 3.9 ft

Weight: 12.12 lbs

Incoming Water Temperature: 37.4°F – 104°F

Seat Weight Limit: 330 lbs

Lid Weight Limit: 160 lbs

Seat Opening Dimensions: 11.9 in x 8.1 in 

Mesh Filter: 0.51 in x 0.44 in diameter 


1 x Brondell Swash Select DR802 Bidet Seat

2 x Mounting Bolt

2 x Rubber Cone Washer

2 x Flat Washer

2 x Nuts

1 x Mounting Plate

2 x Adjustable Brackets

1 x T-Valve Connector with Rubber Washer

1 x Bidet hose

1 x Remote control

1 x Remote control wall mount

1 x Deodorizing Cartridge

4 x AAA Batteries

1 x 1 Year Standard Warranty

1 x User Manual