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Chasing E Reel

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  • E Reel for Chasing M2 and Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

    Thanks to the Chasing E-Reel, you eliminate manual tether retrieval and so get rid of the trouble of manual winding and enjoy the underwater exploration.
    You can select 100 or200 meters of tether that is resistant to fatigue and friction damage for a consistently reliable transfer of data.
    The fastest take-up time is 220 seconds. 
    E-Reel electronic windermakes the M2 or the Gladius Mini even moreconvenient to deploy and easy to retrieve. The battery-powered E-Reel can automatically roll up or unroll its 200-meter-long cable in just3-9 minutes, up to30 times per charge.
    It features an anti-explosion cable, battery protection technologies, and a power display.

    CHASING E-Reel / Wellbots

    IP65 Waterproof

    Thanks to the IP65, the structure is waterproof. Users can use it safely on the shore or on the ship.

    A large capacity battery

    The E-Reel is equipped with 4800mAh large capacity battery, which is higher than the battery life level of the industry. The frequency of power discharge is up to 30 times in full power state. E-Reel also supports manual retracting and unwinding.

    • 1 x Chasing E-Reel
    • 1 x  Handle
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x 3 Meters Tether

  • Size: 296 x 189 x 279 mm

    Weight: 7.71 lbs

    Max Storage Length:
    200 meters

    Battery Capacity: 4800 mAh

    Number of Cycles: > 300 times

    Runtime: 30 times

    Winding Speed: 3 gears

    Take-Up Speed (200m):  Fast speed 220s / Low speed 9min

    Operating Temperature: -10℃~45℃

    Charger Power: 25.2V 1.5A / 2.9A

    Charging Time: 4H

    SKU: Chasing-M2-ElecReel

    UPC: 843722100135