Chasing M2 LED Diving Video Light

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  • Chasing M2 LED Diving Video Light

    CHASING LED Diving Video Light is a lightweight, easy-to-carry marine lighting equipment designed specifically for better quality underwater photography and video-recording. The waterproof submersible fill light with high color rendering index warm white LED dramatically improve the appearance of objects and illuminate their true colors. The light is a great light source that works well with ROV M2. It is the ideal solution for submerged lighting demands from va rious kinds of professional and complex contexts.

    Using CREE LED wick made in USA, the LED video light has an excellent heat dissipation structure and high luminous efficiency. It offers a brightness of up to 12,000 lumens.

    Constant-current driving circuit and PWM (pulse width modulation) dimming signal processing mode are adopted to improve the precision of output current and ensure the LED light quality.

    Built-in professional microcomputer chip, together with power indicator and battery low protection function, ensures security and reliability.

    Chasing's self-developed battery structure features a 120-minute runtime on a single charge of its waterproof 3500mAh lithium Ion battery pack.

    The exterior shell is made of aerospace aluminum and uses military grade three hard oxidation treatment process. It is light and durable, resistant to seawater corrosion and it is waterproof to 100 meters.

    • 1 x Chasing M2 LED Diving Video Light
  • Dimensions
    70.2mm LED light head diameter
    64.8mm LED light body diameter
    139mm overall length

    Lens Specifications
    6 mm (tempered glass)

    Weight in  water
    363 grams (inc battery)

    776 grams (inc battery)

    Light Source
    1 * Warm white fill light CREE COB LED

    Color Temperature

    Color Rendering Index

    12000 Lumen

    Beam Angle
    110° photography fill light

    Working Voltage

    Working Temperature

    Depth Rating
    100 meters

    Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack

    3500 mAh