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Coway Airmega Mighty AP-1512HH Air Purifier

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  • Coway Airmega Mighty AP-1512HH Air Purifier

    This model uses a comprehensive 4-stage True HEPA filtration system with a fresh air ionizer to create crisp, allergen-free air that won’t aggravate your symptoms. Other features include an Energy Star seal for low cost operation, onboard air quality indicator with Auto mode, a visual air quality indicator, 3 fan speeds, and more. 

    4-Stage Air Filtration Eliminates Airborne Allergens

    The Coway MIghty Air Purifier (AP-1512HH) uses a 4-stage filtration system to scrub your air clean of allergy triggers. The system includes:

    • Washable Pre-Filter: As the first stage of filtration, a mesh pre-filter removes large dust, mold, hair, and pet fur and boosts the efficiency of the other filters.
    • Odor and Deodorization Filter: Next, air moves through an odor and deodorization filter infused with granular activated carbon. This material traps odors and harmful gases and freshens your indoor air. 
    • True HEPA Filter: The high-performance True HEPA filter removes fine dust particles, smoke particles, and other microscopic allergens as small as the width of a human hair. This filter is efficient in removing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. 
    • Vital ION Technology: Finally, air is freshened and cleaned by Coway’s exclusive Vital ION Technology, which breaks down harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergen particles. This bipolar ionization system releases negative ions into the air and performs an electro-chemical reaction that renders impurities harmless. 

    Together, these 4 components form a robust air purification system that rids your air of the allergens and impurities that trigger your symptoms the most. Your air also stays cleaner longer with daily use. 


    Air Quality Indicator With Auto Mode Means No Guesswork

    The Coway AP-1512HH takes the guesswork out of answering these questions and automates the entire process. The unit’s onboard air quality indicator continuously monitors your air quality and displays a color-coded status on the front of the air purifier.

    In Auto Mode, the airflow speed automatically adjusts based on the air quality reading (Blue = Clean Air, Dark Purple = Polluted Air, and Red - Highly Polluted Air). This ensures that you breathe the cleanest air in your space at all times - no head-scratching needed. 

    Measuring just 18.3 inches high, 16.8 inches wide. and 9.6 inches deep and weighing in at just over 15 pounds, the AP-1512HH is an impressively compact system that fits snugly on an end table or in the corner of a room. It isn’t often that you find an air purifier that delivers this much cleaning power in such a small package.

    Expect the Coway Mighty to clean air at a regular speed of 268 cubic feet per minute, making good on its great CADR ratings (Smoke - 233, Dust - 246, Pollen - 240). 

    Additional Features

    • Energy Star-Qualified: This air purifier meets the Energy Star program’s stringent efficiency standards for budget- and eco-friendly operation. 
    • Ideal For: This air purifier is ideal for treating allergies, asthma, pet allergies, and smoke sensitivity.
    • Long Filter Life: The main HEPA filter lasts up to 1 year. The activated carbon odor filter lasts up to 6 months.
    • Auto Fan Mode: Cycles through all 3 speed settings at regular intervals for times when you prefer steadier air-cleaning.
    • ECO-Mode: This energy-saving mode automatically powers down the air purifier after 30 minutes of no pollution detection. 
    • Whisper-Quiet: On its lowest speed, the AP-1512HH runs at a whisper-quiet 24.4 decibels.
    • BAF Seal of Approval: This product has earned the coveted Seal of Approval from the British Allergy Foundation. 
    • 1 x Coway Airmega Mighty AP-1512HH Air Purifier
    • 1 x Owner's Manual
  • Warranty:

    Room Size (based on 4 Air Changes per Hour):
    502 sq. ft.

    Recommended For:
    Allergies, Smoke, Odor & Chemical, Asthma, General Air Quality, Mold, Pet Hair

    Best Fit:
    Ideal for treating allergies, asthma, odor & chemical sensitivity, and removing airborne germs.

    18 in.

    16.8 in.

    9.6 in.

    15.4 lbs.

    CADR Pollen Score:

    CADR Dust Score :

    CADR Smoke Score:

    Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM):
    268.39 CFM

    Energy Star:

    Number of Fan Speeds:

    Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size:
    326 sq. ft.

    Filtration System:
    HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, Washable, Ionizer, Vital ION Technology, Carbon Filter

    Pre-Filter Type:

    HEPA Filter Type:
    True HEPA

    Type of Germ Treatment:
    Vital ION Technology

    Ionizer Type:
    Vital ION Technology

    Ozone Emission:

    Number of Filters to Change 2

    HEPA Filter Replacement:
    12 Months

    Carbon Filter Replacement:
    6 Months

    Filter Change Indicator:


    Remote Control:

    Programmable Timer:

    White, Black


    Minimum Noise Level:
    24.4 dB

    Maximum Noise Level:
    53.8 dB

    Minimum Wattage:
    4.9 W

    Maximum Wattage:
    77.8 W

    110-120 V

    Wi-Fi Capable:

    Air Purifier Type:
    Portable Air Purifier

    co5584 / co4801