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Cuisinart CJE-1000P1 Juice Extractor

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  • Cuisinart CJE-1000P1-Juice Extractor

    Enjoy healthy and fresh fruit and vegetable juice with your Cuisinart Juicer right at home! Make the most of fruits and vegetables with this powerful kitchen appliance that extracts juice from a multitude of fruits and vegetables.

    Never waste any vitamins and nutriments out of your veggies & favourite fruits and get it at a speed too! This is gonna be your ultimate healthy buddy in the kitchen.


    Efficient and Fast Juicing

     Juicing your favorite fruit doesn’t have to be a choir. Enjoy juicing as much as you enjoy the nutrients it gives you with the Cuisinart juicer. Just drop the whole fruit inside and watch the juice come out!

    SAVES YOU TIME AND EFFORT: No more peeling, slicing, or cutting needed! Just drop the whole fruit inside and the juicer will immediately juice it. It comes with a powerful 1000-watts so you only have to sit and wait.

    JUICES SOFT AND HARD FRUITS/VEGGIES: Never struggle with a hard fruit like beets and pineapples! With the 0 - 5 dial speed, it can accommodate soft fruits such as strawberries, mangoes to hard ones like beets, pineapples and more! Nothing can stop you now!

    NO WASTE, 100% GOODNESS: Most nutrients are found on the fruit peels so throwing them away is throwing away fibres and nutritions! Good thing you don’t have to throw them out and get the most out of your vegetables and fruits.

    SUPER EASY TO CLEAN: No time to clean?  Easy! Remove the adjustable and removable parts, wash them under running water and you’re good to go.


    3” WIDE FIT TUBE:  Drop in your whole apple without cutting them with the wide 3-inch tube that will fit most of your fruits and vegetables.

    EASY OPERATE 5-SPEED CONTROL DIAL: The dial speed has 1 - 5 speed that accommodates soft to hard juicing. 

    ADJUSTABLE FLOW SPOUT TO AVOID DRIPS & SPILLS: Worried the juice coming out is too fast? Adjust the spout flow to save the juice for the next glass or pitcher! No more drips, spills or overflows.

    STAINLESS STEEL HOUSING: Yoru Cuisinart juicer is 100% durable with stainless steel housing that makes it compact and rust-free so you can enjoy it for years and years to come.

    EASY-OPEN HINGED COVER: The exclusive easy unlock and lift system secures your jjuice while easily getting access of the insides.

    FOAM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Enjoys yoru juice without much foam? We got it! Adjust the foam management disc and enjoy foamless or a juice with foam, however you like it.

    FREE RECIPES INSIDE: Juice don’t have to be boring! Enjoy different juices with the recipes that are included!

    • 1  x 1L Pulp Container
    • 1 x 1L  Juice  Pitcher
    • 1 x Manual
    • 1 x Cleaning brush

  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    14.92" x 9.37" x 16.46"


    Cubic Feet: