Cuisinart ICT-60P1 Double Induction Cooktop

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  • Cuisinart ICT-60P1 Double Induction Cooktop

    Efficient and versatile, Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop is engineered to make your cooking time fun and effortless. From family fun meals to pleasing party crowds, the double burner induction is designed for instant heat-up and precise even heating technique that dishes out consistently tasteful dishes time and again

    Explore the ultimate cooking flexibility with Cuisinart’s Double Induction Cooktop, a sleek-looking cookware with powerful features like instant and even heating, double burners with individual settings, bright LED displays, timers, 30 seconds auto heat shut off and more. Unlike conventional cooktops, it uses up to 70% less energy yet supports you with two individual burners with their unique setting to cook a variety of dishes at once.

    The glass surface is very easy to clean post-cooking and its even heating feature leaves no hot-spot thus guarantees consistent cooking in your signature dishes. Kitchen or no kitchen, it is a welcome addition to any cooking space from dorm rooms to patios, boats or even RVs, its compact design is ready to induct you into an exhaust-free, flame-free and pollution-free cooking experience.

    Bright LED displays, instant heat-up features and powerful induction cooking makes this product a delight to own and cook especially when you need those extra burners to satiate hungry party palates.

    Instant Even heating

    Enjoy the benefits of a cool kitchen with this hottest gadget, Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop. 

    A double induction cooktop from Cuisinart uses an electromagnetic field beneath the glass cooking surface that heats in an instant and guarantees consistent, precise heat release throughout the cooking process.

    Double Delight

    Two is always better than one and sticking to this adage is Cuisinart’s Double Induction Cooktop that comes with two induction burners with different hub sizes to suit various cooking purposes. Fused by design yet worlds’ apart, each hub comes with its heat settings with 8 settings for the left burner and 5 for the right.

    The 150-minute timers and ON/OFF switches for each burner allow you to cook two different cuisines in one go.

    Energy Efficient

    An appliance equipped to support your culinary challenges with precise cooking techniques, this also adds another feather to its cap as being energy-efficient. Compared to conventional cooktops, Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop uses up to 70% less energy.

    Cooler Kitchen

    Though equipped with the power and precision of the induction cooking method, this double induction cooktop throws off less heat thus keeping your kitchen space cooler than with conventional cooking.

    With a hob that heats only when a pan is present, welcome to the delightful world of induction cooking with no flames, no ignition and no exhaust. And 30 seconds after the pan lifts off the hob, the heat is automatically shut OFF making this product the safest to use.

    • 1 x ICT-60P1 Double Induction Cooktop
    • 1 x Manual
  • Warranty:
    3 year limited warranty



    Element Type:
    Smooth Top

    Speciality Element(s):
    Induction Technology, 70% less energy

    Power Source:



    Number of Burners:

    Stainless Steel, Glass

    Dual Heat Settings:
    8 settings on the left burner
    5 settings on the right burner

    150-minute timer



    Bright LED display

    14 lbs.


    Temperature Control:

    Color Finish:
    Black Glass

    17” H x 26.75” W x 5.25” D