Cuisinart Elemental 11 Cup Food Processor

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  • Cuisinart Elemental 11 Cup Food Processor

    Easily prepare large portions of meals with the least effort. Now you can save more time and energy while still doing more! It is the ultimate timesaver from daily mundane tasks that would have otherwise taken so much of your precious time such as chopping nuts, slicing tomatoes or garlic, shredding cheese, and more!

    Faster and More Efficient

    This impressive food processor can help you from slicing, dicing, mincing to crushing soft vegetables and fruits to hard nuts and more. Save more time in the kitchen and let your Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor do your work for you.

    Large Capacity

    It has a small and large feeding tube for multiple sizes of fruits and vegetables. The work bowl has a capacity of 11-cups so you can manage more work at one time.

    Super Easy Maintenance

    Easily wipe down the body with a cloth and throw the removable parts in the dishwasher. Everything is so easy to assemble so you won’t ever feel overwhelmed cleaning and maintaining.

    Seal Tight Advantage

    The bowl has a seal-tight feature that avoids any spills or leakage as you do your work with your Cuisinart food processor.

    Extra Features for More Capacity

    The 11-cup work bowl, 1 stainless steel durable powerful blade, and 2 discs allow for powerful processing. From chopping to pureeing fruits for your little ones, do it all with your Cuisinart food processor.

    • 1 x Food Processor
  • Color:
    Silver / Gunmetal



    Blade Material:
    Stainless Steel



    12.6 lbs

    FP-11GMP1, FP-11SVP1

    00086279176721, 00086279177001