Cuisinart FP-12DCN Elite Collection 2.0 12-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast

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  • Cuisinart FP-12DCN Elite Collection 2.0 12-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast

    Tired of wasting time preparing food in the kitchen? Wish there’s an easy way to prepare food and still be the supermom that you are? Then the Cuisinart Elit Collection is for you! It is one of the most powerful processors in the kitchen that will serve you for a long time. It boasts a 12-cup capacity with a 1000-watts motor that can chop through anything without fail!

    Save Time and Effort on Food Preparation

    Don’t waste time chopping onions, garlic, and whatnots in the kitchen when you should be doing more cooking. Now you can drop them in your food processor and make it work for you.

    Do More in Less Time

    Frustrated with having to repeat the process due to the limited capacity of your old processor? Good to know that you can now do more at once with the 12-cup impressive capacity powered by 1000 watts.

    Super Powerful

    The 1000-watts power, adjustable slicing disk, and shredding disc is powerful enough to chop down soft veggies to hard nuts and fruits and even puree fruits for your little ones!

    Ultra-Wide Feeding Tube

    To even more save time preparing, you don’t have to chop down fruits and veggies into small bits, just drop them whole into the wide mouth and your Cuisinart processor will do the work for you.

    Most Powerful Kitchen Workforce

    Never feel overwhelmed with the food preparation ever again. Your Cuisinart Elite Food Processor will make your life easier and more efficient. Now you can have more time for yourself when you get things done faster!

    • 1 x Food Processor
    • 1 x Spatula
    • 1 x Dough Blade
    • 1 x Recipe/Instruction Book
  • Color:
    Silver Die-Cast


    Stainless Steel

    Material Type:
    BPA Free
    All Removable Parts are Dishwasher Safe



    3-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    10-Year Motor Warranty