Double Robotics Double 3 Telepresence Robot with Charging Dock Kit

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  • Double Robotics Double 3 Telepresence Robot

    Double Robotics Double 3 is the ultimate mobile teleconferencing device which you can control remotely to have conversations anywhere at anytime. A stable design enables it to reach anywhere without flipping over or toppling.

    Swift and Safe Movements

    Double 3 uses accelerometer and gyroscope for its movement. An integrated self balancing algorithm allows it to remain upright even after contact with surrounding obstacles. Double 3 also comes with a remote height adjuster making it easier to have conversations sitting or standing. You can move the Double 3 bot around just using navigation keys on your keyboard.

    Upgrades your Tablet Camera

    Double 3 consists of a mirror which changes your viewing angle towards the floor to ensure you can navigate through intricate spaces. A magnetic wide angle lens increases the default viewing area of your iPad allowing to see more of the surrounding than the camera could detect on its own. 

    Encrypted Communication

    Double 3 uses AES 128-bit encryption algorithm to ensure end-to-end secure communication which is not stored or recorded at any stage of the communication. You can use your computer, iPad, iPhone or many other android tablets using chrome to communicate using Double 3. 

    • 1 x Double 3
    • 1 x Charging Dock
    • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Camera Module:
    Super zoom and super wide angle lens

    8 hour runtime with 2 hour to full charge

    Wireless Connectivity:
    Wi-Fi Module (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)
    Bluetooth 4.2

    2 x Stereovision depth sensors (Intel® RealSense™ D430)
    5 x Ultrasonic range finders
    2 x Wheel encoders (2048 PPR each)
    1 x Inertial Measurement Unit (9 DoF)