UberScoot Evo 1600w Electric Scooter

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  • UberScoot Evo 1600w Electric Scooter

    The Evo 1600w Electric Scooter is an all purpose powerhouse by UberScoot. An incredible 1600w motor powered at 48V combined with innovative and robust all-purpose treaded tires ensure smooth and effortless rides even in the steepest of slopes. Its quick release seat and foldable locking frame provides for convenient use and portable handling of the Evo 1600w Electric Scooter.

    Main Features:

    1. Incredible 1600w motor powered at 48V
    2. Economy mode button allowing longer use 
    3. Quick release seat
    4. Foldable locking frame
    5. 11-inch onroad/offroad tires


    The Evo 1600 is a powerful scooter that can clock an incredible average top speed of 29 mph. Being powerful, it also goes elegant by providing a smart economy mode feature. It allows the Evo 1600 to use the 1600w of power efficiently by lower peak accelerations and top speed to give you smooth rides for a much longer distance.


    The Evo 1600w Electric Scooter is a feature-packed all-purpose scooter that has been designed keeping in mind the conventional problems with competitor electric scooters. The Evo 1600 comes with a quick release seat that makes your longer rides comfortable while you can easily remove it for that quick run at the grocery. With the lights at both front and the rear, you're good to scoot in the night. The foldable locking frame also makes it super easy to carry the Eco 1600 anywhere and open again to ride.

    Premium and Affordable

    Evo 1600 is a premium scooter that doesn't hold back on design, features and performance. Moreover, with state-of-art design and the best manufacturing practices, the Evo 1600 is steal of a scooter in its category. The large 11-inch knobby offroad/onroad wheels are extremely robust and allow for the best riding experience in its category.

  • 1 x Evo 1600w Electric Scooter

  • Speed Range:
    20-24 mph

    Distance Range:
    10-14 miles

    1600w, 48V


    4 x 12V/12Ah SLA
    Charging time: 6-8 hours


    117 lbs

    Load Limit:
    251-300 lbs

    49 x 25 x 43 in

    Drive Systems:

    Chain drive

    60-day manufacturer’s warranty
    Lifetime UberScoot technical support