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Garmin Descent Mk2i Diving Smartwatch

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Descent T1 Bundle

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  • Introducing the Descent Mk2i

    Optional Bundle includes Descent™ Mk2i dive computer and Descent™ T1 transmitter.

    The Mk2i is more than a GPS. It is a dive computer! If you like to do sports and you are looking for a smartwatch, the GARMIN Descent Mk2i is for you! It's a multisport training watch with smart features. Track and push your performance to the next level. The Mk2i has multiples dive modes for your adventures and helps you to measure your performance and track your stats above water. You can pair the Mk2i to the Descent T1 to control and monitor the pressure up to 5 tanks.

    - Customizable dive modes
    - Surface multi GNSS
    - MTB dynamics
    - Inreach compatible
    - Performance metrics
    - Sports apps

    You can use the GARMIN Mk2i to track your breathing throughout the day, during sleep, during breathwork, and activities such as boxing or swimming. You will never get lost! The topo and ski maps will help you to navigate your adventures and you can also use the screen to follow animated workouts. 



    Mk2i is more than a simple watch!

    The Mk2i's technology allows it to stock up to 2000 songs and gets access to some streaming music apps like Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music. Now you can feel safer using the Mk2i because the watch can send your location to emergency services (Feature not available while in dive mode). You can also pay with the contactless payment function of the Descent Mk2i with participating providers.

    - Round trip routing
    - Turn by turn navigation
    - Daily workout suggestions
    - Recovery time
    - Advance sleep monitoring
    - All-day respiration
    - Pulse ox sensor

    You can use the Mk2i to guide you in your route or course with the "Turning by tun directions" mode. You can also enter a distance that you want to travel, and it will bring you back to your starting point.



    The Descent T1 (included in the Bundle) is a compact accessory to dive with a high-pressure regulator. You can use it to track your breath connecting it to a Descent dive computer. If you are diving in groups, you can control the air levels in your bubby's tanks. The Descent T1 monitors tank pressure, remaining air time, and air consumption. You can use it for multiple types of diving. 

    • Descent Mk2i, titanium carbon gray DLC with a black band
    • Black extra-long adjustment strap
    • Charging/data cable
    • Documentation
  • Lens material:
    Sapphire crystal

    Bezel material:
    Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coated titanium

    Case material:
    Fiber-reinforced polymer with metal rear cover

    Watchband compatible:
    Yes 26 mm

    Strap material:
    Silicone and titanium

    2.04 x 2.04 x 0.70 Inches

    Display size:

    Display resolution:
    280 x 280 pixels

    32 GB

    Battery life:
    16 days