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GreenTech pureHeat GARAGE/PATIO (Carbon Fiber)

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  • Greentech pureHeat GARAGE/ PATIO

    Relish your autumn outdoors, while keeping yourself warm and cozy with the Greentech pureHeat GARAGE/ PATIO. 

    pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO brings the comfort of the indoors outside with a 15-foot area of consistent heat that is unaffected by the wind.

    With a quick setup, you are minutes away from enjoying your morning coffee from the comfort of your warm patio, allowing you to experience the season changes in nature rather than through your windows. pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO’s ruggedness makes it a perfect fit for outdoor use. The aluminum body and design allow it to withstand the constant changes that mother nature throws at it. While it may not be ideal for monsoon weather, it certainly works in anything you yourself would want to stay out in.

    Environmental friendly sustainable build along with advanced, highly efficient  heating element technology. The unit is equipped with an overheat and a tip-over shut-off function, to make sure that the entire casing and front grille never reaches high temperatures, thus is safe when touched accidentally.  Users can also take advantage of the timer and Quiet Mode functions, making pureHeat  incredibly convenient and safe.



    Main Features


    Helps you transport the heater from room to room and floor to floor.


    Using three different heating modes,  the Carbon Fiber Element provides safe and efficient warmth while being energy efficient and environment friendly. 


    No space ?  Use the included mounting bracket and the unit connects easily to the mount and remains sturdy until it is removed.


    An overheat and a tip-over shut-off function ensures the entire casing and front grille never reaches high temperatures


    Features like timer make using the Greentech Patio incredibly convenient in a variety of situations.


    • 1 x  Greentech Environmental's pureHeat GARAGE/PATIO
  • Performance

    Effective Area: Consistent 15 Ft. (Unaffected by Wind)
    Level: 3 Power Levels for Any Situation
    Mounting Bracket: For Wall or Ceiling Placement
    Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty


    Model Number: PHGARAGE19A
    Unit Dimensions: 13″ H (330mm) x 24″ W (610mm) x 7.25″ D (184mm)
    Stand Dimensions: 42.8” – 71.5” H (1,022 – 1,816 mm) x 19.7” W (500mm) x 19.7” D (500mm)
    Unit Weight: 6 lb (2.7kg)


    Power Input: 120VAC/60Hz | 12.5A
    Power Usage: 500W/1000W/1500W
    Heat Output: 5100 BTU
    Protection Rating: IP24


    Dimensions: 20.9” H  x 31.8” W x 8.5” D
    Weight: 24.1 lb (10.9kg)