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HOBOT 298 Window Cleaning Robot

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  • HOBOT 298 Window Cleaning Robot

    Are you tired of cleaning windows? You cannot feel your arms anymore? Don't worry, we got you the perfect solution with the 298 Cleaning Robot! This cleaning robot will save you lots of time by doing all the work for you. The only thing you'll have to do is change the water tank when it is empty, an easy thing to do thanks to its replaceable water tank. Even better, with the Ultrasonic Water Spray your windows will be clearer than ever. As it converts water into 15 micrometer dense mist, you won't find any trace of dust after using this wonderful HOBOT product.

    Fast and efficient

    The HOBOT 298 has a huge cleaning area with cleaning cloth size of 24x24 cm. What's more, you can clean a 40m2 area before having to replace the water tank! Not only does this robot can cover a great surface, it is also super fast. It does the work done with the tap of a finger by cleaning one square meter in only 2.4 minutes! Do you have frameless windows? No worries, this is no issue for this cleaning robot. The HOBOT 298 possesses laser sensors that measure the distance to work on.

    Reliable and powerful

    With its brushless DC Motor, the new HOBOT window cleaning robot is so silent you won't even notice it is actually doing all the work. The motor has metal fan for a longer lifespan. The high suction power sucks out all the dust to leave your windows cleaner than ever. With its latest design, the HOBOT 298 has an auto-adjustable pneumatic pad to work also on rough surface.

    Pre-Programmed cleaning

    Be reassured! To make sure it leaves 0 marks, the HOBOT 298 has a pre-programmed cleaning trajectory. It first follows a Zigzag path and then a N-shaped path, leaving you 100% confident that the dust disappeared. Finally, you can monitor everything through your smartphone. All you have to do is download the HOBOT App and you'll be able to control this cleaning robot remotely with your device. The HOBOT App is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

  • - Robot Hobot-298
    - Safety cord (attached to the robot)
    - Remote control
    - Power adapter (100~240V, 50~60Hz)
    - Extension cord of direct current (4 meters)
    - 3 microfibre cleaning cloths
    - User manual
  • Dimensions (LWH):
    24x24x10 cm

    1.28 kg


    Adhesive type:
    Vacuum, Square

    AI Technology S2.1

    Cleaning pattern:
    Liner clean, Zigzag + N-way

    Replaceable water tank:
    40 ml

    Nozzle type:
    Ultrasonic, 108 Khz (Kilo Hertz)

    Water particle size:
    15 ?m (Mircometer)

    Glass detergent:
    250 ml

    Auto-cleaning modes:
    3 modes

    64 dB @1 m

    Suction force:
    6.0 Kgs

    Workable window size:
    >40x40 cm

    Cleaning speed:
    14.5sec / feet2

    Power range:
    100~240V, 50~60Hz

    Power consumption:
    72 W

    Cleaning cloth:

    Embedded Li-Po battery:
    20 mins