Hobot 388 Window Cleaning Robot

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  • HOBOT 388 Window Cleaning Robot

    Are you tired of cleaning windows? You cannot feel your arms anymore? Don't worry, we got you the perfect solution with the 388 Cleaning Robot! This cleaning robot will save you lots of time by doing all the work for you. A lot of technological features are condensedin this robot, as Ultrasonic Spray water, the AI smart route designer and the automatic pressure change.

    A condensate of technology

    The HOBOT 388 is a cleaner that condensates all the best technology for a cleaner.
    This window cleaner has the new ultrasonic water spray nozzle that creates an effect of human exhales on the glass. This is the best way to clean smoothly without any dust.

    Wellbots Hobot

    The robot is also featured with an AI to create smart routes for the robot. It can find the best way to clean the window. It is made to clean every part of the glass, without forgetting anything.

    Wellbots Hobot

    A big effort on the security and the convenience

    The Hobot 388 window cleaning robot has a lot of features to ensure the best efficiency and the security of the robot.
    It has an extra secure power connector that screws on the machine so that there is no way it can disconnect and fall.

    Wellbots Hobot

    The Hobot 388 is also featured with a first security check before each use. The robot makes function and environment checks before every use to ensure the best performance. It will adapt to the glass it is cleaning.


  • HOBOT-388 Window Automatic Cleaner (Matte Black)

    Remote Controller

    Adapter (100-240VAC / 50-60Hz)

    AC Power Cord

    DC Power Extension Cord (13 Feet)

    3x Microfiber Cleaning Pads

    Safety Rope

    HOBOT-Branded Bottle of Detergent

    User Manual

    HOBOT 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • Dimensions (LWH):
    295×148×95 mm



    Adhesive type:
    Vacuum, Round

    AI Technology V4.0

    Cleaning pattern:
    Rotating, Zigzag

    Nozzle type:

    Water particle size:
    15 μm (Micrometer)

    64 dB @1 m

    Workable window size:
    >40x40 cm

    Cleaning speed:

    Power range:
    100~240V, 50~60Hz

    Power consumption:
    90 W

    Cleaning cloth:

    Un-interrupt Power System(UPS):
    20 mins

    Additional features:
    3 kinds of automatic operation modes for cleaning the entire window
    Anti-falling control algorithm
    High sensitivity pressure sensor
    Auto-detects edges of the window
    Extra secure DC power connector
    Remote/APP control