Jabra PanaCast 180° Panoramic 4K Conferencing Camera

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  • Jabra PanaCast 180° Panoramic 4K Conferencing Camera

    The Jabra PanaCast 180° Panoramic 4K Camera is a revolutionary webcam for conference calls. What makes the camera so special are its 3 built-in sensors that provide a panoramic 180° view of the conference room. Whereas traditional cameras only capture one side of the table, Jabra PanaCast ensures that everyone can be seen. Thanks to a USB plug-and-play interface the camera is can be set up in just a matter of seconds. 

    Jabra PanaCast 180° Panoramic 4K Conferencing Camera 

    Perfect for conference rooms of any size

    Jabra PanaCast is the perfect tool for conference calls no matter the size of the conference room or the number of participants. Not all rooms require a 180° panoramic view. That's why Jabra PanaCast lets you reduce the field of view from 180° to 140°, 120° or 90°. On top of that, the camera comes equipped with an intelligent zoom that will automatically zoom in or out depending on the number of participants in the call. 

    Jabra PanaCast is Microsoft Teams certified. It is also compatible with:
    - Zoom
    - Skype
    - GoToMeeting
    - Webex
    - and more!


    Product Features

    - Panoramic View: 3 built-in 13MP sensors provide a 180° view of the conference room. Using the Jabra app you can also reduce the field of view down to 90°.

    - Intelligent Zoom: If enabled, this feature intuitively zooms in and out depending on the number of participants in the call.

    - 2 Built-in Microphones: Jabra PanaCast features 2 built-in microphones to ensure that your voice is heard clearly and loudly.

    - Plug-and-Play Set Up:Simply connect your Jabra PanaCast to your laptop and start conferencing calling immediately. 



    • 1 Jabra PanaCast 180° Panoramic 4K Conferencing Camera 
    • 1 USB Type-C to USB Type-A Cable (3 ft)
  • Warranty:
    2 Year Limited Warranty

    4 x 2.6 x 0.8"

    3.5 oz

    UHD 4K at up to 30 fps

    Sensor Resolution:
    13 MP

    Field of view:
    Horizontal: 180°
    Vertical: 54°

    Number of microphones:

    1 x USB Type-C

    Supported Operating System:
    Windows 7 or later
    macOS 10.9 or later
    Linux 16 or later