Jigabot Ex Extended Life Auto-tracking camera robot

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Jigabot Ex Extended Life Auto-tracking camera robot

Jigabot EX is an auto-tracking camera robot. Capture & stream video of a teacher, hands-free. Black anodized aluminum. 9 hour Dot battery.

Capture happy memories and winning moments with an auto-tracking camera robot, your Jigabot EX. Its four magnetic dots cling on to your chosen subject in stealth mode, and your robot follows these infrared emitters to get the best candid shots and recordings.

Get dynamic footage of every event and deploy multiple Jigabots for a panoramic view from all angles. From weddings to vlogs, parties to practices, teaching to training, Jigabot Ex Extended Life twists, turns, and swivels to capture the best shots of your subject.


Tracking Environments: Indoor, Limited Sunlight Environments – Tracking Range: 100 feet – General Construction: Aluminum – Standard Camera Mount: ¼” – 20 screw stud on top – Standard Tripod Mount: 3/8 – 16” tap hole in base – Motor: Geared Stepper Motor – Motor Torque: 158.7 Ncm – Power Supply: 12V, 5A – IR Tracking Technology – IR Tracking Sensor: 5 million pixels accuracy, 90 RPS refresh rate – Payload: Up to 10 pounds – Warranty: 18 months – Dimensions: 6” x 2” x 4.2” – Weight: 3 lbs


1xOne Dot Driver EXL Kit includes Dot Driver (power pack for Dots) with 9-hour battery life – Four (4) Dots – USB Adapter – Charging Cable – AC/DC Power adapter for operating Jigabot EX