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Just Vertical The Aeva Indoor Hydroponic Garden w/ see pods

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Just Vertical The Aeva Indoor Hydroponic Garden w/ see pods

Relax in your indoor garden and relish your pesticide-free produce with the sleek and modern AEVA hydroponic garden system that makes vertical farming at home a pleasure.

A robust yet elegant piece of furniture that stands out beautifully in your home, the AEVA allows you to grow over 200 different plants with water and a nutrient-based solution. The plants are offered a continuous supply of water and nutrients with the unused water sent back to the system once functional.


71025"H x 37"W x 9.5" D

Weight: 70lbs

Plant capacity: 16 plants

Water requirements: Add water every two week

Electrical requirements: A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet

Power Consumption: 75 watts / hour

Cost in Electricity: $3 USD/month

Cable length: 4 Feet

Type of Lights: Full-spectrum white LED grow lights

Material: Solid wood frame Chrome legs


1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir

1x Power bar with GFCI attachment

1x Pump housing and black box

1x Submersible pump

2x LED lights and lighting automation system

1x Wall anchors

1x Just Vertical Starter Kit


16 Seed pods

1x Seedling Kit for 24 plant sites

1x 60ml of Nutrients of Aqua Vega A

1x 60ml of Nutrients of Aqua Vega B