Just Vertical The Eve Indoor Hydroponic Garden w/ see pods

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Just Vertical The Eve Indoor Hydroponic Garden w/ see pods

Bring home a garden of paradise and grow your fresh produce easily with the Eve Hydroponic Indoor Garden system. A very convenient product, Eve’s vertical hydroponic tower allows you to grow 12 plants at a time without soil, utilizing liquid mineral nutrient solutions in the water reservoir and designed to fit in the tiniest of spaces without compromising on the quality of the produce.

Eve’s 12 pockets offer a plethora of plants to grow, from leafy greens and herbs to flowering plants like lettuces, broccoli, strawberries, and herbs. Keep yourself and your plants happy with minimal attention of 10 minutes a week to add water and nutrients once every two three weeks and a low electricity bill of $3-5/month with this unit.


Dimensions: 57"H x 18.5"W x 8.25" D

Weight: 35lbs

Power Consumption: 75 watts/hour

Origin: Made In Canada


1x 12 L BPA-free water reservoir

1x Power bar with GFCI attachment

1x Pump housing and black box

2x LED lights and lighting automation system

1x Just Vertical Starter Kit

4x EVE feet

16x EVE feet screws

1x Allen key

1x Wall anchor


16x Seed pods

1x Seedling Kit for 24 plant sites

1x 60ml of Nutrients of Aqua Vega A

1x 60ml of Nutrients of Aqua Vega B