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MetroVac Datavac 3 Blower

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MetroVac DataVac 3 Blower

DataVac 3 from MetroVac is a professional cleaning kit for expensive equipment packing every knick-knack needed to keep dirt and debris away from your working environment.

From sensitive laser copiers to sturdy typewriters, DataVac 3 has customised attachments that get into nooks and crannies of sensitive office gadgets and blows out the tiniest of dust, dirt and tough debris. Saving a fortune on repair costs, regular use of DataVac blower ensures your office equipment is up and running in perfect condition at all times. The eco-friendly DataVac effectively removes pollutants keeping bad aura away from the workplace.

Micro-cleaning tools with snorkel-probe attachment make this handy blower easy to manoeuvre amongst gadgets. An exclusive toner filter system takes care of sucking out dangerous toner spills keeping your workspace sparkling clean.



Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Construction: Sturdy All Steel

Motor: 1.17 HP Motor Vacuum/Blower Power Unit

Amps: 6.5

Watts: 780W

Airflow: 85 CFM

Cord: 12’ Heavy Duty 3 Conductor Cord

Dimensions: 21.5 x 12.25 x 13.25 in

Weight: 14 lbs


1 x DataVac 3 Blower

1 x 6’ Flexible with Air Control Hose

1 x Pik-All

1 x Air Pin Pointer

1 x Crevice Tool with Brush Insert

2 x 20” Extension Wands

1 x Powerizer Air Maximiser

1 x Air Pin Pointer & Snorkel Probe

1 x Adaptor Nozzle

1 x Flexible Neck Extension Wand

1 x Micro Dusting Brush and Micro Crevice Tool

2 x Extra Toner Filter Disposable Bags

1 x Extra Micro Filter

1 x Nylon Carry All with Pockets and Shoulder Strap

1 x User Manual