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Molekule Air Pro Air Purifier

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  • Molekule Air Pro Air Purifier

    Molekule Air Pro is a revolutionary air purifier that’s designed to cover up to 1000 sq. ft., whether in a home or professional setting. Air Pro delivers 3x the airflow of Molekule’s award-winning consumer devices, detects airborne particulate matter, and offers two automated modes for extra particle protection. Air Pro features Molekule’s patented PECO air purification technology. Instead of simply collecting airborne particles like traditional air purifiers, PECO destroys VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, and more at a molecular level.

    The new Day View offers a bird’s-eye view of your indoor air quality, from morning until night. Stay informed of your air quality at a glance with daily averages or or get a deeper look at how your air changes throughout the course of your day.

    Molekule's PECO technology destroys coronavirus strains (bovine & porcine) & H1N1 flu virus, as shown by 3rd party testing. Air purifiers can provide an added layer of protection to help reduce potential viral exposure. 

    Molekule Air Pro 

    Molekule Air Pro: a top-notch device

    Molekule Air Pro is super enhanced and includes several remarkable features:

    • A suite of sensors report a range of pollutants: chemicals (VOCs), relative humidity (RH), and CO2, as well as air particles (PM) in three sizes; PM10 (pollen), PM2.5 (dust) & PM1 (smoke), to better understand what's in your air.
    • Track indoor air quality with more detail than ever thanks to the newly activated sensor suite. The indoor air quality monitor displays IAQ data on the app over the previous 28 days, down to 5-min intervals.
    • Designed to meet the needs of business and high-traffic areas, with 3x the airflow of Molekule’s award-winning consumer devices.
    • Breakthrough PECO technology doesn’t just collect pollutants, it destroys them.
    • A particle sensor detects a range of air particles in three sizes, to better understand what’s in your air, from PM10 (pollen) and PM2.5 (dust), to smaller than PM1 (smoke).
    • Delivers two Auto Protect modes, Standard and Quiet, to automatically regulate fan speed based on particle levels, at noise levels ideal for day or night, as well as a manual mode.
    • Easily track the replacement schedule for your PECO-Filter.



    How does it work?

    Thanks to 360° air intake, Molekule Air Pro takes in air from every direction, this air first flows through the outer filter layer which captures large particles, then through the inner PECO filter: nanocatalyst-coated filter layers react to light, destroying pollutants and fine particles, to leave behind only clean air. Finally the top fan disperses clean air into the room in all directions. Note that all along this process, no ozone is emitted. Better, Molekule Air Pro destroys ozone in the air. From your smartphone app, you can select fan speeds, modes and track the PECO-filter status for your Molekule WiFi air purifier.

    It is recommended to change filters every 6 months. You can find replacement filters here.



    • 1 x Molekule Air Pro
    • 1 x PECO filter
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x User Manual
    • Note : the power cord is attached to the base of the device
  • Room Size Coverage:

    Up to 1000 sq ft (92.9 m²) with avg. 8-ft. ceilings


    23.1 in. (58.6 cm) high - 10.9 in. (27.8 cm) wide


    22.9 lbs (10.38 kg)

    2-year limited warranty

    FDA 510(k) cleared:

    510(k) Class II: Cleared for medical use to destroy bacteria, viruses & mold, and collect particles

    Multi-layer PECO-Filter

    Filter life:
    Recommended filter change every 6 months

    Automated Modes:

    Auto Protect: Standard & Quiet

    Touch Display & app

    Fan Speeds:
    6 manual speeds

    Sound levels:

    Lowest speed — 33 dBa Highest speed — 64 dBa

    iOS & Android

    2.4 GHz

    Cord length:

    70.87 in. (180 cm)

    Made in Malaysia

    Part Number: