Mustang Professional – Kiosk – Single Menu Board

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  • Mustang Professional – Kiosk – Single Menu Board

    Please be aware that due to heavy logistics constraints to ship this item, orders are not cancellable and not returnable. However, the item is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and should be free from any manufacturing defect.

    New age restaurants have brought about a multitude of changes with automation in every aspect, especially fast-food chains and curd-side takeaways. Mustang professional QSR Menu Boards display delectable food items in vivid colors to attract attention and retain them long enough to stop and shop.

    With social interactions being cut down to minimal levels, and effective QSR Menu Board can make or break a business in this fast-paced economy. Unlike the regular QSR menu boards available in the market, Mustang’s professional kiosks are designed to support Samsung OHF and LG XE4F displays which means you get the advantage of IP56 rating that eliminates the need for additional protection from its immediate environment.

    Available with or without outdoor displays, the construction is high-grade 7A steel braces with ¼” thick-walled tubing for extended durability. The optional front cover bumper housing is good enough for the contraption to be installed in high-traffic areas.

    There is more to this wonderful single QSR Menu Board from Mustang. Coated with a rich zinc primer you can paint any color of your choice on the DMB to match your every whim and fancy. 

    Main Features

    A good menu should go beyond fancy names and cool ingredients and with Mustang professional single QSR menu cards you can dish out a new range of delectable choices for customers.

    Programmed to support Samsung OHF and LG XE4F displays that are IP56 rated means your single QSR is well protected against elements of the environment and hence requires no additional measures to keep the display safe from prying hands. 

    Mustang QSR series are forged with 7 GA high impact steel braces and ¼” thick-walled tubing to withstand elements and are rated for temperatures of -20 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Its durable design is engineered to withstand winds up to 140mph. 

    With Mustang single QSR all set to display your high-profile menus, no more worries about erratic power supplies and power surges during high winds. This kiosk is equipped with a 4-outlet quad box and a Zero Surge OEM6-120 model power filter that guarantees a steady display even in the worst of weather.

    Drabbing black frames are a thing of the past. Coated with a zinc-rich primer, Mustang kiosks can be painted in any color to give wings to your imagination. 

    • 1x Single QSR Menu Board

  • Warranty:
    1 year

    Display Panel:
    (1) 55” or 49” Outdoor Display

    Wind Load:
    Up to 140 mph

    Operating Temperature:
    -20° to 120° F

    7 GA High Impact Steel Braces
    ¼” Thick-Walled Tubing

    Samsung/LG Display:
    IP56 Rated