Mustang Professional Projector Mount Kit

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  • Mustang Professional Projector Mount Kit

    The Mustang Pro MPJ-2KS24A Projector Mount. Complete projector mount kit with suspended ceiling adapter. Three adjustable drop lengths (6” to 11”, 12” to 18”, 18” to 24”). Ideal for projectors weighing up to 60 lb.

    The Mustang Pro MPJ-3KR24A Projector Mount: Three adjustable drop lengths (6” to 11”, 12” to 18”, 18” to 24”). Ideal for projectors weighing up to 70 lb

    The Mustang Pro MPJ-3KS24A Projector Mount. Three adjustable drop lengths (6” to 11”, 12” to 18”, 18” to 24”). Ideal for projectors weighing up to 60 lb.

    Paint a larger-than-life picture with your professional projector mount, a complete suspended ceiling projector solution from the house of Mustang. The MPJ-2KS24A comes with three adjustable drop lengths and can handle projectors as heavy as 60 lbs. From its assembly to installation and even release mechanism, quick is the magic word that best attributes this Mustang mount.

    When it comes to professional presentations, projectors suspended from ceilings serve many purposes. They are non-intrusive, clear up desk space and generally stay out of your way. Going one step further is the Mustang Professional Projector Mount that adds an aesthetic appeal to your ceiling space.

    First of all, in a standard interface grid system, the Mustang fixture mounts above the false ceiling entirely concealed giving your projector an ethereal floating look. Its adjustable drop lengths can be customized to suit your screen elevation or wall space. 

    Are you in a mood for bolting down fixtures? Here’s a completely pre-assembled projector mount that you can install with ease. With adjustable drop lengths, an easy release mechanism for regular servicing, and heavy-duty material that supports up to 60 lbs. Mustang Professional Projector Mount is the best there is.  

    Main Features

    The sturdy professional projector mount from Mustang is a magical prop that is very easy to install high up on your ceiling and equally easy to bring it down. The completely pre-assembled mounting interface is designed to delight even the first-timers. Apart from staying high above anyone’s disturbing touches, its quick-release mechanism enables you to bring down your projector for regular service.

    Use it for your office space or the personal home theatre, Mustang Professional Projector Mount comes with three adjustable drop lengths, easily customizable to your space requirements. Align it to the wall width for a crystal-clear display with its built-in roll, pitch, and yaw adjustments.

    When it comes to suspended ceiling projector mounts it is always recommended to opt for a universal size fixture and the Mustang mount is universal not only in its design but adaptability as well. Both its fixed and adjustable columns give stability and extend incremental drop adjustments that adhere to universal standards and its adjustable arm length extends and fits up to a 60lbs. projector.

    Apart from freeing up your precious desk space, the Mustang Professional Projector Mount fits cozily above your false ceiling thus revealing just enough stem to support your projector. 

    Mustang mount solutions not only offer unparalleled value but also are compatible with all 1.5 NPT threaded pipe. Its pre-sorted hardware pack for installing the fixture includes hardware for wood studs or concrete surfaces as per your choice.

    • 1xMounting Hardware

  •  Warranty:

    Limited Lifetime Warranty




    Load Capacity:
    60lbs (27kg)

    Mounting Surfaces:
    Structural Wooden Beams
    Concrete Surfaces
    Other Structural Surfaces

    Max Mounting Pattern:
    18.1” (460mm) width
    18.1” (460mm) height

    Adjustable Lengths:

    Product Finish:
    Scratch Resistant Powder Coat


    Package Size: