Mustang Professional Touch Outdoor Kiosk

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  • Mustang Professional Touch Outdoor Kiosk

    Please be aware that due to heavy logistics constraints to ship this item, orders are not cancellable and not returnable. However, the item is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and should be free from any manufacturing defect.

    An uber-cool commercial kiosk from Mustang, the Professional Touch 55” Outdoor Kiosk is designed for Samsung OH55F or LG XEF4 displays, which lets your customers stop, shop and buy in one go. The camera-enabled kiosk with a media player and router is your all-in-one market solution.

    From static print ads to moving pictures commercial space has grown multi-fold thanks to evolving technology. MPKO series from Mustang brings to you the ultimate outdoor portrait kiosks that are fitted with IR touch displays for a complete interactive commercial experience.

    Constructed with high impact steel to withstand the wear and tear of outdoors, its applications are endless. The portrait kiosks are camera-enabled which make them the perfect commercial kiosk that can be used even for face detection applications, especially outside hospitality industries.

    Accessorize this cool high-end professional outdoor kiosk with the paint color of your choice or decal it with amazing prints to match the environment as the frame is built to withstand extreme customization. 

    Main Features

    Going beyond the regular commercial kiosks that display ads, Mustang Professional Touch Outdoor Kiosk can support a camera, media player and router offering a one-stop solution for ultimate commercial needs. From face recognition to real-time buying, this portrait kiosk has endless applications.

    Empower your business with the best in the industry. Mustang Professional Outdoor Kiosks are designed to be programmed with Samsung OH55F or LG XEF4 displays that transform retail visual merchandising to a whole new level. 

    Right from capturing customers attention to retaining it long enough for a potential purchase, Mustang Professional Touch Outdoor Kiosks can be customized with an IR touch overlay to enhance its application. The vivid display attracts customers to stop, shop and buy from your retail environment. 

    A sturdy high impact steel construction and a shatter-resistant polycarbonate display guarantee longevity to this professional kiosk from the house of Mustang. 

    From crowded street corners to hospitality establishments, be it hotels or malls or even the breezy open spaces, your commercials on Mustang Professional Kiosks engage visitors and passers-by alike. With exceptional clarity and real-time interactions, Mustang kiosks add a professional edge and elevate user commercial experience.

    • 1x55” Portrait Floor Standing Kiosk

  • Warranty:
    1 year

    55” LED Backlit

    3000 nits

    Operating Temperature:
    -40° to 50° C

    14GA and 12GA High Impact Steel

    Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate

    Camera, Media Player, Router