Mustang Professional Touch Back to Back Outdoor Kiosk

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  • Mustang Professional Touch Outdoor Kiosk

    Please be aware that due to heavy logistics constraints to ship this item, orders are not cancellable and not returnable. However, the item is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and should be free from any manufacturing defect.

    Upgrade to smart signage with Mustang Professional Touch 55” back-to-back outdoor kiosk, a complete standalone solution for your commercial requirements. Designed to support 2 Samsung OHF or LG XE4F displays, this smart kiosk withstands external elements yet engages your audience with the best shopping experience.

    Mustang professional kiosks have evolved to support the most innovative advancement in the field of commercials. From still pictures to moving ads, we have come a long way to portray products and services. 

    Commercials have to work beyond just grabbing customer attention. Program the Mustang back-to-back kiosks with Samsung OHF or LG XE4F with options to support a camera, media player, router as well as speakers which can interact with onlookers in real-time. The vivid display in HD grabs the attention of potential customers and its interactive features engage them with essential information in the most entertaining way.

    Its self-cooling system is tested to withstand an operating temperature of -40 to 50 degrees Celsius. The study high-impact steel construction is fitted with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate display for versatility. 

    Main Features

    In an era of high-end, real-time commercials, Mustang Professional Outdoor Kiosks with back-to-back display panels in HD provide the perfect platform for your promo plan. The shatter-resistant polycarbonate display with IR touch overlay will not only grab people’s attention but also keep them engaged indefinitely. 

    Designed to support 2 Samsung OHF or LG XEF4 displays tune your commercials for face reading with camera options, media player with speakers to beckon curious onlookers, and a router for complete WIFI control. 

    From business, centers to open market places, malls to open-air auditoriums, hotels to hospitals, place them even on street corners as the MPKOD-BB55T-SAM’s applications are endless. The more you explore the more you discover its placement possibilities. With such a wide range of exposure, your commercial is sure to reach every potential customer most effectively.

    While most of the stand-alone kiosks have a display panel on one side, this back-to-back outdoor kiosk is a delightful addition to your commercial space. While the catchy signage attracts attention in the most fun, colorful way, the additional panel can display a multitude of aspects of your product or service and make real-time interaction more fun.  

    Mustang Professional back-to-back outdoor kiosk is built to withstand external environmental elements and at the same time can be customized to suit your taste. Paint it to match the weather or decal it with attractive prints to merge the market scene!

    • 1x Mustang Professional Touch Back to Back Outdoor Kiosk

  • Warranty:
    1 year

    55” LED Backlit

    3000 nits

    Operating Temperature:
    -40° to 50° C

    14GA and 12GA High Impact Steelz

    Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate

    Camera, Media Player, Router