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Neo Smartpen N2 Bundle with N Moleskine Notebook

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  • Neo SmartPen N2 Black with N Moleskine Notebook Black

    This bundle contains one Neo Smartpen N2 and one N Moleskine Notebook so that you will be fully equipped to start enjoying digital handwriting technology.
    Small, comfortable, ergonomic, just like any high quality pens, Neo Smartpen N2 was created to deliver the best sensation when you write, like a conventional pen. Moreover, the Moleskine Notebook combines traditional design and quality and provides the best support to digitalize your handwriting. Its ruled pages will allow you to focus on what you write, nothing else! 

    So, how does it work? There is nothing easier, just connect your smartpen to the app Neo Notes, write on your Notebook and read on your screen. Easy-to-use and intuitive, this smart device will boost your creativity and make your life easier, smarter. The app Neo Notes is available on iOS and Android. Watch the tutorial video in the product videos section to fully understand the technology behind Neo Smartpen! 

    Neo smartpen N2 combines great design and unique technology

    Neo Smarpen N2 was designed to be highly comfortable and ergonomic, but also stylish. This is why its modern design is so unique. It is meant to offer the smoothest transition from traditional to digital writing. But not only. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this pen is resistant and durable.
    Also, it features the latest technologies developed by Neo Smartpen. Dual Bluetooth not only grants faster connection with your smart devices, it is also energy-saving, allowing you to use the pen for longer period of times. 


  • 1 x Neo Smartpen N2 Black
    1 x N Moleskine Notebook Black
    1 x USB Cable Charger
    1 x Pen Refills box
    1 x Instruction manual 

  • BRAND:
    Neo Smartpen

    Features of N2:
    Length: 6 in 
    Thickness: 0.4 in
    Weight: 0.8 oz

    Features of N MoleskineNotebook: 
    Size: 5.1 x 8 in
    Number of pages: 240
    Weight: 4 oz