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PowerGistics Tower 12 Plus USB

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  • PowerGistics Tower 12 Plus USB

    PowerGistics Towers are the ideal solution for teachers who are using tablets and laptops for loan to students in the classroom space. Students can easily grab a device in the tower and when they are finished, they simply return it to the same place and plug it in for charging. 


    A convenient design tailor-made for classrooms

    The open concept enables teachers to check at a glance the number of returned devices and also the charging status. Powergistics towers can provide enough space for 40+ devices. Tip : two separate towers will avoid traffic jams and save time compared to a single large one.The towers are compact. Two of them take up less square footage than a single cart, helping you to save space in the classroom and enhance learning environment. They will adapt to your needs and the way you want to organize the classroom. They can be mounted on a wall with options to be turned into a stand or roller.


    Struggle free IT Managament

    Made of powder coated aluminium, the lightweight structure help reducing heat and thus increasing devices life time. The open design allows for great airflow and obstruction free updating of devices.  PowerGistics towers also provide also better cables management and eliminate tangled or damaged cords, missing power bricks and accidentally uncharged devices. Everything is kept safe thanks to the front and back locks.


    A solution that empowers students

    Students are empowered and responsible of their own device, from grabbing it in the Powergistics tower to returning it and plugging it in for charge. The four-colors painted shelves encourage group assignment and team work, making it easy even for the youngest ones. You also have the option to choose custom colors to reflect your school spirit! Towers are available with an optional antimicrobial coating to reduce to risk of spreading bacteria, viruses and mold. 

    Custom Colors

    If you would like to get custom colors, please let us know in the order notes your choice of : 

    1 - Color for tower & door 
    2 - Color for first and third sets of shelves
    3 - Colors for second and fourth sets of shelves

    Custom Colors Order Numbers
    #1 Yellow. #2 Blue. #3 Red. #4 Orange. #5 Grey. #6 White
    #7 Purple. #8 Green #9 Navy. Z Sliver. Y Gold. Z Black

    Antimicrobial colors available are:
    #1 Yellow. #2 Blue. #3 Red. #6 White. #8 Green


    • 1 x Tower 12 Plus USB
    • 1 x stand or roller (optional)
    • 1 x power cord
    • 1 x USB PDU
    • 12 x USB to USB-C cords

  • Tower 12 Tower 12 Plus USB
    Model Number 1T12110 1T1214USB
    Number of devices 12 12
    Device Size 11.6” / 29.46 cm 14.8” / 37.59 cm
    Maximum Device Dimensions L 8.7” x W 12” x H 1.75”
    22.1 cm x 30.48 cm x 4.45 cm
    L 9.8” x W 14.8” x H 1.75”
    24.89 cm x 37.59 cm x 4.45 cm
    Mounting options Wall mounted. Static and rolling stand compatible Wall mounted. Static and rolling stand compatible
    Towers Dimensions H 51.50” W 10.25” D 17.50” H 130.81 cm W 26.04 cm D 44.45 cm H 51.50” x W 11.25” x D 20.00” 130.81 cm 28.58 cm 50.80 cm
    USB Ports none USB PDU and 12 x USB to USB-C cords included
    Power Supply 100 - 250 VAC 50/60 Hz, 15A 100 - 250 VAC 50/60 Hz.
    Output of 2.1A per port for sleep and charge.
    For devices with maximum power supply of 45W or less
    Cord Length 10’ / 3.05 m 10’ / 3.05 m
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty